My time with a robocrew on PULSAR

Started by John22510, September 08, 2019, 10:16:27 AM

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Hey guys, since criminula has expressed a passing interest in PULSAR i decided to give the game another go and show all of you in case it interests anyone else to play, i played a game on my own with just bots, which when i played before frustrated me but it's improved to a point where i had fun even on my own.

At first i decided to play some dice with my crew. Just like Riker with poker, i thought it would help me get to know my bot pals that i would be romping around the galaxy with

After a few rounds we were coming out of warp at our destination

An Arid world where a research station was located. We were to check up on the outpost as the Alliance had stepped up pirate attacks in the region.
The Colonial Union was showing the flag and having more ships patrolling the area.

After arriving at the outpost it was obvious that no pirate activity was in the system, however the only scientist there had a request of us

This request seemed something odd since this scientist was alone. Had this person asked her assistants to do the same? Is Edwina a crazy person? I did not want to find out and promptly ended the conversation and left for my ship since i value my life.
We left the system and continued our patrol.

When leaving warp at our next coordinates we were ambushed by Alliance raiders.

The raiders, which were meant for lightly armed freighters and transport ships weren't prepared for a Colonial Frigate. They didn't last long

After destroying the ambushing raiders we were pulled from our patrol to hunt down an Alliance ship that had been tracked to a specific system

Calling on red alert my fumbling robocrew manned their stations so i would be ready for the pirates this time.
Warping into the system the Nelaxus was supposed to be.

They came straight at us hoping to have suprise on their side but my robocrew fired on them. The battle was going well, i chose not to board them as it would put the ship in unneccasary danger, and since a space battle would do the trick to eliminate them i sat in my captains chair while the Nelaxus was getting beaten.

The battle was on my side.
But the pirates weren't going to just give me a victory without trying to survive, so they tried to board us from their stricken vessel.
My Engineer got cut down by the desperate crew. They locked out the temperature controls to the reactor before we could kill them all.

The Pirates last gamble had failed but they had almost won. We got control of the core temperature control and destroyed the Nelaxus

Destroying the Nelaxus we proceeded to Outpost 448 for repairs and to report on a successful patrol.

I hope this gives you guys a look at the game and what it's actually like to play  :)
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I have been curious about this for some time - thanks for the report! I may check it out soon  ^-^