September Promotions and Awards

Started by criminula, September 08, 2019, 11:48:54 AM

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John22510 has been promoted to the rank of Recruit.

MasonTDB has been promoted to the rank of Recruit.

Tanglepaw12 has been promoted to the rank of Officer.


Bacon_Season: Improvement Award and Good Conduct Award for his recent activity.
"Bacon_Season has not been with the community for very long. But in that time he has set up his own mSRP and dived into the RPG-X division's activities with a passion. It is impressive to see how quickly he has become an involved and enthusiastic member of the community.

Callum603: Jean-Luc Picard Command Cross for leading Serial Roleplays
"For several months, it was proving difficult to find an active SRP on TLO that didn't have Callum at the helm. Callum has delivered three SRPs so far, with Temporal Leap especially having consistently exciting and compelling plots. As Temporal Leap enters its fourth season and approaches its series finale, these achievements in leading RPG-X roleplays deserve recognition."

Callum603: Talkie Toaster Award for developing the Discord Bot and integrating Discord into the shoutbox.
"While Callum's work linking the shoutbox and building the TLO Discord bot is a legitimately helpful service, it has also provided opportunities for entertainment. Thanks to the bot our Discord server has no shortage of memes on command and a Take Over The World program which will (hopefully) function correctly next time."

Callum603: Technical Commendation for continuing technical contributions to TLO.
"Callum always seems to have plenty on his plate as the Head of Technical. Whether it be the design of the forums, working on the downloads manager, or hunting down bugs with RPG-X, Technical is never without something to work on. Callum's continued dedication to overseeing TLO's technical aspects is greatly appreciated."

Criminula: Outstanding Roleplayer Award
"I always look forward to any RP on the server when Criminula is involved. Each character he plays has their own personality and adds to the overall experience. There isn't much else to say other than Crim always brings his considerable talent in RPG-X to the table no matter what position he is playing. For his reason I nominate him for the Outstanding Roleplayer Award."

Criminula: Outstanding Serial Roleplay Award for contributions to Call of the Void and Tyrella
"As my time to devote to RPG-X has naturally waned over the years with age and increased work/life commitments, with Call of the Void and Star Trek: Tyrella, Criminula has stepped up to serve as the in-universe CO and somebody for me to bounce ideas off in putting these series together and keeping them running from one week to the next. He has made my life considerably easier and has done so through two characters who I have been delighted to see top of the bill on the crew manifests. I look forward to seeing where Deryck Harper's journey takes him and his crew."

DavidH: Character award for 'Gork' on Tyrella
"It's hard to believe that Gork has been with us for only five episodes. The Ferengi chief of cargobay operations has quickly become a breakout character for Tyrella and each episode is always preceded by the question "what will Gork do this time?" The antics (and subsequent arrests) of Gork wherever the Phoenix goes has left a memorable character that everyone loves to hate."

DavidH: Good Conduct Award

Grizz: Community Service Award
"In the past month Grizz has continued to take an active role in advertising TLO and the community's activities, proposed the new RPG-X Roulette event, brought attention to the issues with our downloads manager, given the RPG-X subforum a long-overdue reorganization, and run a successful mSRP while maintaining normal forum and server activity. I would be hard-pressed to come up with a better example of going above and beyond in order to benefit our community."

Grizz: Jean-Luc Picard Command Cross
"With seven seasons of Asteroid Field, the short-lived Asteria, and now Tyrella, Grizz's gift for writing and skill as a CO has never been in question. However, the description for the Jean-Luc Picard Command Cross states that it is an award for 'members who constantly lead brilliant role plays on the server, or who show superior leadership ability across TLO.' Especially recently, both of those descriptions fit Grizz. She has now taken responsibility for two different departments of TLO and is ensuring that both run well. She has also been leading the charge to see progress in our community in the past few months. For these reasons, I nominate Grizz for the Jean-Luc Picard Command Cross."

Jenson: TLO Spirit Award
"Over the past few weeks, our Member-in-Chief has shown us yet again what the TLO spirit is. When Criminula needed to take a leave of absence Jenson stepped up to the plate as the acting Head of Internal Affairs in his absence. Jenson has also been involved in our community's SRPs when he can, despite numerous scheduling conflicts. However he is involved with this community, Jenson remains a model of the spirit of TLO: compassion, community, and enthusiasm."

Scott Archer: Jean-Luc Picard Command Cross
"Between Temporal Leap and New Ground, Scott has proven himself to be a very capable plot writer and CO in RPG-X. The episodes that he directs are consistently engaging and I always look forward to what new stories he has in store."

Serris: Leonard McCoy Medical Award
"Sometimes the job of a CMO can be difficult and isolating. While most of the crew is up on the bridge, it can sometimes feel like the medical officer has been exiled and will only have something to do when an injury in the plot demands action. In combining bug chef Hugs with the CMO position, Serris has given us an unorthodox chief medical officer and chef without leaving sickbay abandoned for when it is needed."

Serris: Creativity Commendation and Special Service Cross
"Serris has been involved in a number of projects, past, present and future which have gone beyond what is expected of an Elder Statesperson. Currently he is on the verge of unveiling the latest iteration of the in-depth and meticulous RPG-X Companion Skill System and he has also been exploring the possibility of restoring master server functionality to RPG-X with Callum. He has always been interested in breaking the norm and offering something different to TLO players. Though Asteria and Endurance may have been short-lived through no small part of my own, I look forward to the day that Serris brings a new RPG-X offering to the table. Also he is Bug Chef. If that isn't creative, I don't know what is."

Congratulations to everyone issued with a promotion, or in receipt of an award. I'm sure I can speak for the entire community when I extend to you our gratitude for your contributions.

As ever, if any member wishes to nominate another for an award (see list of possible awards here), please send me a PM, with a little accompanying text covering why you nominated them. Any member is welcome to do this at any time (contrary to popular opinion, we don't have eyes everywhere all the time - if people don't tell us about others' contributions, we might miss them), and they can be added to the month's list.

Whether you've received new pips on your collar or not this month, you may feel like a change in colour. Tired of your uniform colour? Make a request to change it here.


Congratulations to everyone who has recieved a promotion or award!