"To Boldly Roll" - The Skill System Companion

Started by Serris, September 08, 2019, 05:00:00 PM

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On September 15th, 2000, Raven Software released Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force to positive reviews. The game was a love letter to Star Trek fans, featuring authentic series locales with meticulous attention to detail, rock solid first-person gameplay, and a story that felt ripped right out of the show.

Raven released tools to modify the game shortly after, allowing players to create their own custom content. Some players were enamored by the idea of telling their own Star Trek story within the engine. While most focused on delivering scripted single-player experiences to replace the main game's campaign, an intrepid team of developers named Ubergames set out to turn the game's frantic, Quake-like arena multiplayer into a sandbox tool set that would enable generations of Star Trek fans to come together and share their stories with one another.

Four years after the initial launch of Elite Force, Ubergames released RPG-X, and it took the Elite Force community by storm. Several dedicated forum groups were born, with game servers sprouting up left and right. Content creators leapt on the opportunity, creating impressively detailed interactive environments for players to use. It was a renaissance in online Star Trek roleplaying, being the first game to allow players to transcend forums and interact with each other and their ships in real time.

What it lacked, however, was the ability for characters to quantify their skills. Today, that has changed.

Introducing, Star Trek: RPG-X - The Official Skill System Companion "To Boldly Roll" Edition. The Skill System Companion is a basic D20 RPG system of original design, tailored specifically for Star Trek and accessibility, with several different race modules available for Game Masters to reference when creating their campaigns. It's designed to supplement that niche of character creation, whether with the game or by itself as its own experience.