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Started by John22510, September 01, 2019, 03:43:33 am

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Hey guys, I'm john looking for some folks to play with :D Found this rpg-x and cant believe I didn't know about it before since I've been looking for something like this for years!
I play no man's sky as well, I used to play quite a lot of star trek online but I've gone off it lately since I couldn't find a group to play with in my time zone. (GMT)

RP: Junior Luitenant Michael's seeking reassignment to a starship. Current post stationed at starbase 23 as an EPS technician on cleanup duty. I would welcome the opportunity to serve aboard a starship under a chief engineer should a position become available!

The only person you can trust less than a ferengi is a romulan


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Welcome to TLO, John!  ^_^

We have not one but two roleplays running tonight in Star Trek: Temporal Leap and Star Trek: Tyrella and you will be more than welcome to join in with either or both or even sign up to stake a claim to a position permanently! We also have Star Trek: Scorpion and Star Trek: The Unexpected (details coming soon) looking at getting off the ground - and they'll need a crew, too!

Have a look at what's going on and feel free to jump in to whatever you find interesting if the time works for you :)

Any RPG-X questions, feel free to send them my way. I look forward to playing with you! There has been some talk about No Man's Sky around these parts recently, maybe you can show our members a thing or two  :P



Ok cool! I'm not near a computer until Wednesday/Thursday  :( but I'll be able to start getting involved come next weekend!  V^V
The only person you can trust less than a ferengi is a romulan


Welcome aboard! As Grizz said, if you have any questions about RPG-X, feel free to send them our way!

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