[011] Technical Report | 10/07/2020 | Downloads Manager - Hotfix

Started by Callum603, July 09, 2020, 11:58:19 PM

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Technical Report - 10/07/2020

Hotfixed applied to TLO downloads manager to fix broken downloads

A common issue reported to technical is an issue relating to the TLO downloads manager.

During some downloads the files were being corrupted, however this was always hard to reproduce.

The way the downloads manager delivers files has now changed, rather than a complex delivery method the manager simply unlocks the download for you, which you then must start within 5 minutes of it being unlocked, the system will send you directly to the download after doing this though.

With this method we are also able to introduce a new TLO mirror (going live later today if all goes to plan) which will allow more direct from TLO downloads without you needing to do anything other than selecting TLO as your mirror like usual.

Of course any issues with the new system, let me know ASAP!

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