Orion Crewmembers for RPG-X

Started by Arron Dominion, August 12, 2020, 11:37:11 PM

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Arron Dominion

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to jump head-first into creating new options for characters within RPG-X.  I decided as an easy introduction working on adding Orions based on the current human (or human-like) characters currently available.  I did a test with basic EF (not RPG-X) in order to see if this was doable, and I have shown Serris my first results on this.  This test makes me confident enough to move onward into RPG-X.

This forum thread will be updated as I make progress.  Just wanted to let everyone know as this is my first Elite Force modding project since probably 2009/2010, and this would benefit anyone in RPG-X once finished.


Arron Dominion

Just as an update, I have not touched this particular project in a bit because there are SRPs currently requesting player model skins.  I can share some of what I have done though that is not on here:

TMP Crew Uniform:

TOS Uniform:

Future Uniform:

Motion Picture Uniform:

Expanse Uniform:

Kelvin Uniform WIP:


After spending enough time working on this project, and the projects for the crew skins, I believe I will first create a tool before starting back work.  Currently it is a cumbersome process to go through the various model and skin files to coordinate each new addition.  Klaw had an idea, which I feel required to create, to select a model and to select the characters you want to automatically create the required files for.  The plan I have is to also create a TODO list that is generated for detecting which art assets are still needed for each set created.  I will create a new thread for the tool once I have more on this.