RPG-X USS Archer SRP Crew Skin Pack

Started by Arron Dominion, September 14, 2020, 07:49:04 pm

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Arron Dominion

Hello Everyone!

I have released a skin pack for the USS Archer mini-SRP here in 2020.

About the characters:

Ensign Joules is an Android officer who has made the decision to grow a beard. 

Lieutenant Junior Grade L'Tress is a Caitian Gravimetrics Science Officer who is also married to the ship's main helmsman. 

Ensign Tauros is a Klingon Quartermaster on board the Archer and has a cybernetic hand that requires the use of a glove in most circumstances. 

Hospital Medical Corpsman Jiral Telas is a medical officer on board the Archer, and she is a joined trill. 

Samantha is an experimental A.I. that was developed during the Dominion War as an Emergency Medical Counsellor prototype, and she chose her appearance as an Orion officer.

Each of them has the Main/Main (damaged)/Dress/Dress Admiral/Admiral/Cadet/Combat/Voyager uniform sets.  Samantha also has uniforms based on Counsellor Troi's various outfits during TNG.

Trailer for the pack:

Current Download locations:




Anyone in or planning to join the USS Archer mini-SRP will be required to have this pack or else be stuck with Munro or some other default skin for the character in front of them.  Those of you who just want to have more options, I encourage you to download to expand your RPG-X crewverse!


Thanks to Serris for allowing the use of the TLO intro sequence in the trailer and for allowing modifications to the Jiral character.  Thanks to TLO for continuing to maintain RPG-X and the various assets.

Special thanks to Laz Rojas for permission to use the root assets used in Worf/Troi/Riker/M'Ress. 
Check out his work below, and you most certainly will see his work make its way through RPG-X in the future:


Enjoy everyone!