Star Trek Cardassian War- Episode 1 ( DATE TBA)

Started by Trevor of Borg, April 08, 2021, 09:40:40 pm

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Trevor of Borg

The cardassians have just invaded and captured a Federation outpost along side of their border. There was news that numerous federation civilians have been injured and executed. Starbase 967 has fell silent, no messages in or out. There have been multiple reports that a cardassian strike force is assembling in that sector.

Admiral Johnathan Montgomery is sitting in his office, looking at the intelligence reports on the recent attack on Starbase 967.  The Federation president contacts the admiral. The President informs that the cardassians have taken Admiral Harris captive. He orders that a small vessel gets sent out to investigate, and to gather intel on the siege of Starbase 967 by the Cardassians.

What will they find? Join us to find out !


Hey there! Any update on that first episode going through?