[013] Technical Report | 30/08/2021 | Forum Upgrade & Bugs

Started by Callum603, August 29, 2021, 10:40:41 PM

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Technical Report - 30/08/2021

Forum upgrade has introduced several new bugs across the site

After a forum upgrade there have been a number of new bugs introduced, mainly on sections of the forum that would show moderator controls or quick reply buttons, this is due to a call for a new template being introduced that we didn't have in our forum theme.

It is likely that there are still more bugs lurking around, if you notice anything unusual, such as pages not loading or half loading (like loading the first message of a list or topic but nothing else), please report the page to me directly and I will update the theme files to include whatever function is missing.

If you have TFA enabled, you may need to ask myself or another member of cabinet to reset it for you as a couple of the TFA keys have been corrupted in the upgrade.

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