Hi all!

Started by TyGraff, August 01, 2022, 09:39:36 PM

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Hi everyone! I'm not sure how actively anyone here still plays RPG-X, but I was very happy to find this group! I used to play daily back in high school.. a good 15 years ago.. and would love to do so again! I just re-downloaded RPG-X, and was shocked to find just how many control panels' controls I remembered, on multiple maps, too! I guess it's like riding a bike. Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to join an RP at some point!


Good to see some old, familiar names around these parts! If I remember correctly, you were in Federation Reborn back in the day. Welcome to the community!


Another familiar name indeed! Welcome back  @_@


Whoa... that's wild! I couldn't have told you the names of the RP groups I was in anymore; it's been ages. But YES!! I just dug up some old files and found my old signature pic. I had made a template and was making signatures for plenty of other folks, as well. And apparently, I still have them all.  :O  And not just for FR, either.. other groups, as well. I definitely remember ST:RP and Elite Role Play, too.

Wow... those were the days! So many memories flowing back now! There's no way I'm posting that old signature pic, but check this out! I couldn't tell you why I made this for certain, but I do actually think it was posted to the website at one point - circa summer of 2005, so actually 17 years ago (again - crazy).


Hey! Great to see you again! ^_^ Things are alas rather sleepy in RPG-X, but we have things going occasionally!


Hi Jenson!!!  @_@  @_@  @_@  @_@  Old friend