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Started by Veritas, July 10, 2010, 09:31:35 PM

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Hello, greetings and welcome to old and new faces alike!

I'm Veritas, and this is The Last Outpost. We're a relatively small and relaxed roleplaying group, created to provide everyone who wants it a place to roleplay and enjoy Star Trek in a relaxed, fun environment. We support Star Trek: RPG-X, a special total conversion for Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force which allows for realtime, 3D roleplaying. RPG-X has been around for several years, and Elite Force was released in 2001, but The Last Outpost is one of the last RPG-X groups currently in existence and we have recieved special permission from CBS and Raven Software to package and redistribute RPG-X as a fully standalone product - completely free! We believe that the experience RPG-X offers is wholly unique, and should be a tool available to as many people as possible.

We don't just allow gaming with Star Trek: RPG-X. Anything you want to play, just ask around and find likeminded gamers to group up with. If something is very popular, let us know and we may be able to officially support it with the servers, tools and resources to help it thrive here at TLO. Star Trek Online, Minecraft, Bridge Commander & Space Engineers are a few of the games that The Last Outpost has supported over the years - and we're always looking for more!

We're here, open to the public, and invite you to sign up and look around our boards for a while regardless of whether or not you'd like to be a member. Our servers are open to all. We ask that you leave your troubles and arguments at the door and stick to our simple rules, and in return we'll provide a safe harbor of RPing enjoyment for anyone who wants it. While on the website, we encourage you to roam and talk; we're a place where gamers and fans can feel welcome to roleplay, engage in conversation, to debate the finer points of Star Trek, life, or anything else.

If you have questions, comments, or any feedback at all, we want to hear it! PM Andzzy, head to the Suggestion Box, or speak to any member of the Cabinet. Or consider joining our Discord and jumping in the discussion! We're happy to speak with you!

We look forward to gaming with you, and I personally would like to welcome you once again to The Last Outpost - A safe haven for roleplayers everywhere.

Martin Thompson

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