How do I become a server admin?

Started by Jmusial, October 24, 2011, 12:37:11 PM

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I think the confusion here is that we use "admin" both as a term for someone who as administrative power over TLO's servers, and for a person who has access to administration tools on ANY server.

Yes, the admin tools RPG-X has can be a ton of fun, and let you do cool things. Yes, on "unserious" servers like ones you make yourself, admins are really just having fun - that also goes for Wrath of John, though TLO admins still have to enforce rules on Wrath of John (there are simply fewer rules to enforce).

But administration on the TLO servers (especially the serious server) is not a privilege which lets you do cool things. It's a job, the tools for which happen to let you do cool things. The purpose of being an admin within TLO is not to have fun; it's to make sure everybody else is having fun. That means being constantly vigilant about misbehavior WHILE handling many, many players on server WHILE performing effects and running music for the plot WHILE RPing your own character, often while looking up IPs and checking blacklists and filing reports.

It's a ton of work, and while it is an honor (I think) to be selected as one, we don't select it based on who is the best RPer or who would have the most fun with it, or even who deserves extra privilege. Those things might be part of what we consider, but what we look for most of all is someone who is reliably dedicated to following our rules, and who's shown a continuous willingness to improve the experience for others, even to the detriment of their own enjoyment.

All that said, I'm happy for you guys to continue debating/discussing the purpose/priorities of being an admin - but please keep things respectful.


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and lets not forget the worst curse.

You See All PM's
You See All Local chat
You need to use the Console to keep up to date with everything..

sometimes, I wonder why I use the Local chat rule xD


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Quote from: "pupbenny"to be Q and fly around killing everyone.
Griff..... :P


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And I agree with Veritas.


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I'm a strict admin. Thats the way I roll. I don't do second chances. Only if that person can prove to me they are competent enough to come back. I dont fool around and in my honest opinion if someone wants to frag and mess arround they can get the hell out of my face and go to Holomatch or Team Fortress 2. I'm just THAT harsh. And I wont refrain from making it known.

If you ever do get Admin. Dont let others push you about. Your job is to keep things cool and under control and ensure a safe and fun role play for the users. If you suspect someone is about to RP or if someone joins with a name more akin to a Holomatch user or Noob, cloak and stalk them. Monitor them. If they want to join in but aren't sure what to do help them. If they switch to security yeah keep a close eye on them same if they use any class with weapons access. Luckily not all maps have Weapon spawners so that makes things easier.

Noobing is serious it ruins things for your friends. Keep the server clean and tidy. Diplomacy is an option but sadly mostly if not all noobs don't have the mental capacity to understand reason or diplomacy. I will admin Noob issues have fallen because of the None Serious server and for that Im grateful for its existence but I stand firm for all none noobs that If you want to frag and have "Fun" that way go to Holomatch. RPGX has that mode if you launch it without the RPGX Code in its launch parameters. RPG stands for Role Playing Game not Really Poping Guns or whatever.

That said I stress again, Admin will make you go gray. Its all work and no play. And like Nancy said you will see EVERYTHING so..yeah.


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I used to administrate RPG-X and ERPG servers on Elite Force for a long time, started back in March 2004 directly as an admin on EF2, later joined over to EF1 ... and I used to lead two entire organisations that were based on EF-RPG and I can confirm: It isn't always fun, butt if you do it correctly and if you don't boss others around and show off, the people respect you and if you have to take command in some situations, people will listen carefully and be nice. :)