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Started by Klaw, March 30, 2012, 10:58:11 pm

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Good evening fellow peoples of Earth, Quonos Romulus... and wherever else you all may or may not be from

I am VERY happy to announce some changes coming to us here at The Last Outpost, and I'm sure you will quickly become every bit as excited as I am when you find out why.

When I took the job of RPG-X CO a couple months back, I realized I had a very long, very windy road ahead of me to try and improve on what was already our strongest division... and while progress has been slow, there has still been progress.

I'm not gonna bore you to death talking about how awesome I am... and how you should vote for me - cause I'm not a politician... :P but what I am gonna do is, now that you're confused from reading all this nonsense, come straight to the point.

When I came into this job... we were running two servers, one active... and one not. As many of us are aware, the Wrath of John server was formed to be a place where, rules were a little more relaxed... and gave a venue to simply muck about. Well, after a vote by the membership, this venue will soon be shutting down - and in it's place, We'll be taking some steps into the 23rd Century...

With a new Rank set compiled by me, and some fantastic new uniform models being created by Talus Roben, We're pleased to open up a whole new era in Star Trek Roleplay!

The Server should be coming online within the next day or so (if not sooner), so go out there! and have some fun Roleplaying!

I look foward to seeing you all there :)


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Just a note, the server is up and running (though may still need some tweaking :P)

By default, the configuration sets the map to Hercules