Star Trek Beyond Infinity Welcomes You!

Started by Klaw, November 10, 2012, 07:23:56 pm

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The Beyond Infinity Welcome Letter!
Airdate and Time:
Sundays at 3:30pm EST (20:30 GMT)
Base Files:

Firstly, Welcome to TLO and my little corner of it. I'm honored that you're expressing some interest in my humble little Serial Roleplay, and would be even more honored to see you take part in it :)
Beyond Infinity started with a simple question, a question we've all had at one point in one form or another: What is the meaning of life? In the search of finding the answer to this time old question, Myths, Legends, and entire Religions were formed to help answer the unexplained, and find a purpose to existence. But what if those religions, those tales of monsters and gods held some aura of truth? Then we would find ourselves far from this life and somewhere "Beyond Infinity".
As you probably have guessed, this isn't your typical Star Trek Serial - it barely mentions the Federation, and knows very little of earth; but what, in my opinion of Star Trek, makes this Star Trek is one simple truth: Star Trek has always been a show about the exploration and definition of the human condition and this small spec in the universe of Star Trek takes that and molds it into a brand new light.
Now, as Beyond Infinity takes place in a completely different "Realm", there's a load of new vocabulary, new races, new faces that you may want to get acquainted with. The Simplest way of achieving this is by taking a closer look at our Computer Core to dive in deeper about the History, Lore, and People of the BI Realm. There's alot of information there, so take it in with baby steps, don't overload yourself. What's going to make BI unique is, because this is a whole new universe - I'll lay down a simple skeleton, and YOU all get to fill in the blanks - which means, the Universe is immersive and constantly expanding as YOU develop the History of not just yourself, but your race and the entire realm - How do you like dem apples?!
You'll eventually notice The Commander's Log section of the Board - This section will house some episode info, and an After Action Report of every episode. If you're coming at this late in the game, you may find I may reference past events in an RP - that's where you'll go to learn what happened.

Lastly, the Required Files post will be updated semi-regularly. Files that I forsee us using on a recurring basis I'll add as I see fit, but by enlarge, the Episode Info Threads will be your best friend as they will host EVERYTHING you'll need for each episode.

If you find yourself lost, stuck, or find your brain has exploded from information overload at ANY time, please.... Send me a Private Message, hit me up on MSN at, or just try to catch me on the server - The only stupid question is a question that goes un-asked.
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