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Started by Jake Conhale, January 07, 2013, 09:07:15 PM

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Jake Conhale

Good day,

I am a long time RPer and was a beta tester for the first version of RPG-X. I remember they were testing various maps at the time, Poseidon, Runabout, but there was another one I remember, it was a starbase map of sorts - it had a brig and a shuttlebay and meeting areas.

I almost think it was customized to the major groups out there, such as ERP.

I remember certain features such as a power-failure mode, where the brig forcefields would fail (but a security door would fall as a fail-safe) and that if you were in the shuttlebay you'd be ejected out into space.

Does anyone else remember anything about this map or if it still exists anywhere? I tried asking TiM about it, as he was on the dev team, but he hasn't gotten back to me.

Telex Ferra

I can't recall such a map.

The only old starbase map that I can think of that we use is starbase315, but it doesn't have the features you described.


I remember the exact map you are referring to, sadly it only came bundled with RPG-X 1 and is unavailable elsewhere. I believe the original creator of the map was Phoenix.

Martin Thompson

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Was it by any chance the map ive made a screenshot of below?

If so, it is called rpg_chambers. It has 2 court rooms, some meeting room a shuttle bay and a brig and a reception area.

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Does anyone have a pk3 of this map? Would be cool to get it.


There is no PK3 for this map, it was bundled in the original RPG-X mod PK3s


Ouch. Any chance we could grab those from somewhere and extract it?


We'd have to contact Tim and the original developer team to get permission, however I think it might have been a permission issue that meant the map was not bundled with RPG-X2.

Martin Thompson

I still have the files, but yeah i don' know if there is an issue with permissions. Its not a really great map anyways so I wont worry about it.