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Started by Klaw, July 10, 2010, 10:40:42 am

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[align=center:1r222ywr]Below are a list of things that are REQUIRED to play RPG-X

Firstly, you must have "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force" Installed on your PC (or mac, if that's what you use)

once the Game is installed, You will need to Download, and Install the following Files:

RPG-X v2.0[/align:1r222ywr]

[align=center:1r222ywr]RPG-X v2.1 (Patch)[/align:1r222ywr]

[align=center:1r222ywr]RPG-X v2.2 Beta 8[/align:1r222ywr]

[align=center:1r222ywr]TLO Rankset[/align:1r222ywr]

We also STRONGLY Recommend Using One of the Following




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Added the TLO Rank Set