Star Trek: First Steps: Overview and Episode Guide

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Season 1:

The year is 2026; Earth's most powerful countries have pooled their resources to launch a joint exploration mission to the star Proxima Centauri. Equipped with a prototype fusion engine, the SS Ironman can travel at a maximum speed of 0.5c, making it the fastest ship ever constructed on Earth. While officially handled by the United States Air Force, the Ironman has a crew of the best specialists form all over the world, and is captained by a member of China's People's Liberation Army. When World War Three breaks out, clear divisions form in the crew as each person finds themselves seeing besides their country's enemies.

Episode 1: Pilot
The year is 2026 and preparations for the launch of the SS Ironman are nearly complete. Many of the crew are meeting each other for the first time. Everyone is expecting a flawless launch, but when the CO and XO receive contradicting, world-changing orders, the crew of the Ironman must adapt or risk becoming casualties of war.

Episode 2: Fusion Generator FG-01XCa-002
After the nuclear strike and Peters' near mutiny, tensions rise on the Ironman after a damaged engine component forces the already divided crew to work together to keep life support on and the ship afloat. Life support is critical and the engines need major repairs. While trying to do their duties in spite of growing animosity, each member of the crew must ponder Commdore He's question: Do you want to die?

Episode 3: Bosphorus
The tension between the crew comes to a head as the senior officers cannot agree on how to react to the unknown transmission. The discussed mutiny becomes reality when one high ranking senior officer decides to take matters into his own hands.

Episode 4: Derelict
The crew reaches the source of the alien signal detected at the end of episode 02, but soon finds themselves extremely outgunned in the middle of a bloody conflict.

Episode 5: Contamination
Crisis brews aboard the Ironman as a deadly, unknown alien virus spreads throughout the ship as the crew searches the asteroid field for the Ironboy shuttle that XO Peters stole. The crew also weighs the costs of going to the coordinates given to them by Kai'ran, the Zhen'tok they met aboard the derelict Klingon Bird of Prey. Unbeknownst to them, a new enemy lies in wait to seek revenge for the destruction of their ship.

Episode 6: Occupied
The Ironman has been breached! An unknown alien with a personal shield boarded the ship when the crew recovered Peters and the Ironboy shuttle. Although Peters is still alive, he has suffered a disruptor blast at point blank range, incapacitating him. Some of the crew has not slept since before the mutiny only days earlier, and must pull together when the leadership falls into disarray.

Episode 7: The NOVA Initiative
It's a race against time as the crew travels towards the distant coordinates given to them by the Zhen'tok on the Klingon derelict. The coordinates are weeks away, and the doctor only has days left of serum to hold off the effects of the Romulan plague.

Faced with an impossible situation, the now rankless, former-XO Rick Peters is forced to reveal a secret from his past to prevent the crew from succumbing to the disease.

Episode 8:  The Tower of Babel
The Zhen'tok send the crew of the Ironman on an unexpected mission in exchange for the cure for the virus and a total repair of the engines. The crew encounters a new alien species.

Episode 9: War of Attrition: Part 1

Episode 10: War of Attrition: Part 2

Episode 11: War of Attrition: Part 3

Episode 12: ?

Telex Ferra

By this time, the first six episodes have been written.

Telex Ferra

All episodes have a general outline and about three-quarters are already written  8) 8)