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In this thread, you'll find some in-universe news reports, logs etc. to deepen your enjoyment of the SRP. No reading in here is mandatory, but recommended for anyone looking for the best experience. Feel free to post OOC replies in this thread.

If you'd like a story to appear in here about your character or any part of your background, please PM it to me and I'll put it up with the next transmission. Be creative! This is a great way to flesh out your character in a way that isn't really possible in an RP.

---------------------------------TRANSMISSION 01: ---------------------------------

SS Ironboy Travels From Kennedy Space Center to Beijing
American Space Journal, January 3rd, 2026.

At 8:01 AM this morning, representatives from the People Republic of China and several NASA astronauts participated in the first flight test of the SS Ironboy, the SS Ironman's short-range shuttlecraft, since the addition of its secondary engines and its state-of-the-art navigation computer.

The testing crew aboard the SS Ironboy left visual range of Kennedy Space Center at 8:03 AM and safely arrived in Beijing at 8:35 PM local time, only 34 minutes after taking off from Florida. According to Colonel Sergei Dmitrikov, the trip from Florida to China was the smoothest flight he had ever taken in 15 years in the United States Air Force. According to the official test results released to the press early this afternoon, the Ironboy passed all tests as expected, and actually arrived in Beijing 90 seconds earlier than expected, showing an unexpected improvement in either the shuttle's navigation computer or the new, secondary engines.

The Ironboy has been used by NASA pretty regularly in conjunction with its partners on the Ironman project to shuttle people and materials up to the International Space Station and to the now complete SS Ironman. (Please see page 47 for times of day when you can see the ship from your location!) Now, however, the Ironboy will remain grounded in Beijing while the People's Liberation Army outfits it with a prototype thermal shield and an advanced sensor package. As part of the Ironman's mission, the crew must survey Proxima Centauri at close range; while the Ironman cannot safely close to an optimal distance, the soon-to-be-added heat shield will allow the crew of the Ironman to take the Ironboy shuttle to conduct the survey.

While the Ironboy is in Beijing, it is directly under the command of Senior Colonel He Jianyu (PLA) whom you may know as the future commander of the Ironman mission. Senior Colonel He was granted an honorific commission as a Commodore in the United States Navy as per the terms of the Ironman charter, though she has no authority until she assumes command of the Ironman mission.

According to the NASA press release, people and materials will be ferried to the International Space Station and the Ironman via the Atlantis, Discovery, Endeavor, and Ares shuttlecrafts.

This article has been revised to reflect the following changes: Commodore He was commissioned as a Commodore in the United States Navy, not in the Air Force.

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OOC: If you'd like a story to appear in here about your character or any part of your background, please PM it to me and I'll put it up with the next transmission. Be creative! This is a great way to flesh out your character in a way that isn't really possible in an RP.

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---------------------------------TRANSMISSION: 02 ---------------------------------

More Questions Than Answers After Gilgamesh Probe Findings
American Space Journal, January 13th, 2026.

For the last decade, scientists at NASA, working closely with experts at CERN, MIT, Cornell University and various aerospace companies, were hoping that this week's first and only transmission from the Gilgamesh Probe would answer the question that's been puzzling them for the last 10 years: why has the sun recently been emitting tachyons at an increasing rate?

Eleven years ago, scientists at CERN using the Large Hadron Collider were able to isolate a particle that had been, up until that point, a theory largely popularized by science fiction: the tachyon. This particle which has baffled physicists for the last eleven years travels faster than the speed of light, violating Relativity and making scientists across the globe reconsider almost two centuries of engrained theory, and has recently been used to explain certain unexplainable problems on the International Space Station and on multiple satellites.

For the last fifteen years, NASA and other countries' space agencies have reported strong periods of interference with their equipment in orbit. (For those of you who remember the Cellphone Blackout of 2019, a large wave of tachyons knocked several Verizon-Sprint satellites offline, leaving millions without cell service for a week.) In 2021, after pooling data with CERN, NASA determined that the cause of these periods of heavy interference and the tachyon are one in the same. Ever since then, NASA has gathered an incredibly large amount of data on our sun's tachyon emissions, and have determined a very pronounced increase in the rate of emission.

They thought that the Gilgamesh probe could tell them why. They were wrong.

According to the data from the Gilgamesh probe, the source of the tachyon emissions IS NOT the sun, but rather a point in space halfway between Mercury and the sun. The probe could discern no reason why tachyons are being emitted from this spot or why the rate has been steadily increasing since their detection. According to NASA, all sensor readings from the probe show that the point is, indeed, just another empty point in space.

"It's just astounding" says Peter Jacobian, Ph.D and one of the top project leads on the Gilgamesh Probe project. "Trying to find the reason for these tachyon emissions is going to be like the search for the Higgs Boson two decades ago. It's really that astounding, that mysterious."


Ishikawa Corporation's Heiress, Sakura Ishikawa. Named Assistant Chief Science Officer of the S.S Ironman (Submitted by Andromeda, edited by Telex Ferra)
SkyNews Opinion Pages, January 14th, 2026.

The United States Air Force has today announced the candidate selected as the S.S Ironman's Assistant Chief Science Officer. Out of multiple candidates from her own country and others put forward by other nations such as Germany's own Ingrid Herrmann, she was able to beat back the competition and become the winning candidate.

And who is she? Ishikawa Corporations own Heiress, native of The Land of the Rising Sun,  Sakura Ishikawa.

Presently only nineteen years old, Ishikawa was born in 2006 in Kanazawa City. She was born daughter of Ishikawa Corporations current owners and was largely raised with the family business as her only real companion. Safe and secure inside the walls of her parents' penthouse, she never worked a day of her life and was privately schooled. All until 2019 when at the age of 13 she became a "Corporate" Model, used to advertise products such as the X-9 Game Station and the Ultima Tab 10.

It was this fast paced life that lead up to a strong modeling career as a Fashion Model, traveling from Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and Milan. This lifestyle could have quickly caused a typical celebrity "crash-and-burn" made famous by the likes of Britney Spears in the early 2000's. Instead it caused deep depression and an eventual emotional breakdown in March 2022, ending her career.

This breakdown resulted in her making a major change in lifestyle, leading her to join the Japanese Self-Defense Force. It was here she slowly climbed the ladder before eventually becoming a Yoeman on JSDF ship Okinawa and again became a liaison to her parents company.

It was here she worked with the company to produce a fast, efficient and light tablet computer for use in an unnamed project, later known as the one dealing with the S.S Ironman. It was this contribution by the JSDF that granted them a place on the ship. The fact her parents company designed parts of the ships engine and fuel systems undoubtedly helped her alongside a supposed financial contribution to the USAF.

It is this string of "Coincidences" that lead people to believe that Sakura is simply a spoiled child who used the bank of mum and dad to get what she desired. But why waste her time when she is set to inherit billions of yen when she takes over the business upon her parents deaths or retirement?

Could this be the truth? or is it really just a coincidence?


Local Son Heads to the Stars (Submitted by pupbenny, edited by Telex Ferra)
Australian Aerospace Digest, January 16, 2026

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few years, humanity is about to launch a mission to send humans outside of our solar system for the first time. While Australia was unable to contribute to the project by war of materials, our nations contribution of funds has earned one lucky Australian a seat aboard the SS Ironman.

What follows is a never-before-screen transcript of Ensign George Nypup first receiving news of his assignment. This transcript has been compiled from user-submitted, cell phone videos, public records and lawfully obtained audio recordings from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. It has been dramatized for your viewing pleasure.

Security Guard Linoel George Nypup is standing guard outside the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. Suddenly Chief Space Administrator, Dan Ball, opens and the door and turns to Lionel.

"Alright, mate? I need to speak to ya." Dan said.

"Er.... About what, sir? Is it about those Fosters, because that was Pete that stole those." Lionel replied nervously. Dan laughed.

"Nah, I just might have an new job for you. Come with me."

Ball walked Nypup into the building and down a long corridor. Inside Nypup could see a lot of scientists through windows, and rocket parts. Eventually they reached a room with a long table and the Council Of Australian Space Ministers sitting down at the chairs. Ball and Nypup sat down.

"You see, Lionel," Dan said. "The UN are doing this thing.... this joint space mission between a load of countries. We were a bit late, unfortunately, and there's only one position left on the ship. It's a tactical position, and you've been working a guard for us for years now. You seemed like the best choice."

Nypup looked bemused.

"You want me to go to space?" He replied. Dan smiled.

"Yes, I know it's a big job, but we need to prove that The Commonwealth Of Australia has reached the Space Age, just like the Yanks or the Ruskies. So far we don't have any trained Astronauts, and have not prepared for this. But we think we can train you to go to space, and just follow the orders of the Senior Officers. That's all you've got to do. You're a Tactical Officer, all you've got to do is pretty much what you do here but.... in space." Dan said.

"Yeah, but, when I leave work here, I can go down the Gold Coast to the beach. I don't think I can do that up there." Nypup said. Dan smiled.

"No, but you can look out the window and see the whole of the Gold Coast AND London AND Dubai all at the same time. Also, you'll have plenty of entertainment up there, I'm sure.... It's big pay. It's about time you got something like this. So, what do you say? We should be able to train you well enough within 2 months. NASA and all that have given us the latest Astronaut training technology. It's amazing what they can do now a days. It should be easy and you shouldn't be out there long."

"Sure," Nypup replied. "I'll do it, mate!"

We here at AAD are hopeful that Ensign Nypup will do our nation proud.

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There is a common thing in all three messages if anyone is clever enough to spot it.  ;)


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Quote from: Telex Ferra on May 02, 2013, 09:32:52 am
There is a common thing in all three messages if anyone is clever enough to spot it.  ;)

Hmmmmm.... Ah! I've got it! The word "Space" was used in all of them! (EDIT: Actually, looking back, I don't think it is.... :P )

By the way, thanks for posting mine Telex. ;)

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Quote from: pupbenny on May 02, 2013, 10:26:20 am
Quote from: Telex Ferra on May 02, 2013, 09:32:52 am
There is a common thing in all three messages if anyone is clever enough to spot it.  ;)

Hmmmmm.... Ah! I've got it! The word "Space" was used in all of them! (EDIT: Actually, looking back, I don't think it is.... :P )

By the way, thanks for posting mine Telex. ;)

Perhaps, but it's more specific than that. It's hidden in plain sight, and might allude to future plot developments.  ;) ;) ;)


Erm.... They all mention London?

EDIT: Actually, I don't think the first one does....

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No... hehehe

Remember, anyone can submit a Transmission! Please write one up; it will help build the universe and define your character!

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---------------------------------TRANSMISSION 03: ---------------------------------

The following is a Top Secret communication
Transmitted over the NOVA Communication Grid

May 5th, 2020
To: Rear Admiral Elliot Cochrane - NOVA Commander, USN
C/O Sergeant Major Ryan Peirce - Admiral's Aid, USMC

From: Major Rick Peters - Engineering Team Lead, USAF

Subject: Power Source

Admiral Cochrane,

I know we have never met face to face, but I wanted to take a moment and send you an E-mail in regards to your instructions.

The designs you sent me were astonishing to say the least, but I am unsure how, at this time, we would be able to power such a device. I have performed every test imaginable, but there is nothing on earth that could come close to making a device like that work!

I would like your permission, Admiral, to utilize our "Star finder" projects and explore another means of power.

Between the "Star finder" resources and those currently at my disposal, I have no doubt that I would be able to develop a viable solution to power these designs.

Thank you, Admiral

Rick Peters, Major, USAF


To: Major Rick Peters - Engineering Team Lead, USAF
From: Rear Admiral Elliot Cochrane - NOVA Commander, USN

Subject: Re: Power Source

Major Peters,

You have my full authorization to use any and all assets I have at my disposal,

We all know what this project can accomplish for Humanity, and if you can make it happen, Major, You'd be a highlight in the history books!

Don't be afraid to come and speak to me in person if you ever need anything. My office is on level 1 section A.

Thank you

Elliot Cochrane, Rear Admiral, USN

Mutatio Nomen

Quote from: Telex Ferra on May 07, 2013, 05:27:33 pmI would like your permission, General

I thought he was a Rear Admiral... :P

Also, ooooh - mysterious device..!

Telex Ferra

Quote from: Mutatio Nomen on May 08, 2013, 03:10:01 pm
Quote from: Telex Ferra on May 07, 2013, 05:27:33 pmI would like your permission, General

I thought he was a Rear Admiral... :P

Also, ooooh - mysterious device..!

Good catch. Fixed :D

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---------------------------------TRANSMISSION 04: ---------------------------------

>>>>>>>>>>Patrick Air Force Base
>>>Call log: 05.17.26 0350.59

Rick Peters: Hello?

Ms. Sailinglamb: Please hold for the President of the United States

Captain Richard Peters: ....

President Johnson: Captain Peters, this is President Johnson. Are you alone?

Captain Richard Peters: No, I'm in the middle of the's near four-in-the-morning....

President Johnson: I'm going to need you to go somewhere private. I have a modification to your assignment.

Captain Richard Peters: All right sir.......I'm alone now.

President Johnson: I can see from your file that you're a man of action...your work at the NOVA Initiative is nothing short of extraordinary....but I'm going to get straight to the point. It's my understanding that you were assigned to the Ironman mission to find a special material for Cochrane's device, is that correct?

Captain Richard Peters: That's correct, Mr. President.

President Johnson: Unfortunately there have been some developments and your directive has been...superseded.

Captain Richard Peters: Mr. President..?

President Johnson: The situation with China has deteriorated over the past few months. With the formation of the Eastern Coalition and the recent posturing in the Pacific, our analysts suspect that they are preparing to attack us and our allies, and we think they may be using the Ironman launch as a perfect opportunity to declare war while the whole world is watching.

Captain Richard Peters: ...

President Johnson: I'm sure you're aware that the Ironman has a nuclear torpedo complement of 10 high-yield tactical nukes; I don't have to tell you that just one of these could level Los Angeles or Chicago or New York.

Captain Richard Peters: don't sir...

President Johnson: Captain and I both know that we cannot allow that ship and its arsenal to fall into the hands of the Eastern Coalition. To that effect, your new directive is this: On your shuttle ride up to the International Space Station, you will find a small detonator waiting for you. This will trigger a small explosive device that we planted in the ship's communication array during the last space walk; this will ensure you have privacy for the next step of what I need you to do.

Captain Richard Peters: Sir...

President Johnson: Once the ship leaves must detonate the device; everyone on the ship will be confused, trying to solve the problem. In that moment, I need you to relieve Commodore He of her command and her nuclear key. Once you have the ship, we will contact you on your local communicator through the ISS' comm relay.

Captain Richard Peters: ....understood Mr. President. How far do you want me to go to gain control of the ship.

President Johnson:  If commodore He or any of the other crew members resist, you have permission to use lethal force. Godspeed Peters, and good luck.



I am suprised the President was not a woman. ;)

(By that I mean most near future things with America in seem to depict the President as a Madam President. Eg, Black Ops II and Iron Sky.)


So, what's the connection, if it's been on yet?