Star Trek: Beyond Infinity - Episode 11: Paradise Lost Part 1

Started by Klaw, May 05, 2013, 04:59:56 pm

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Star Trek: Beyond Infinity
Season 1 Episode 10
"Paradise Lost Part 1"
Airdate: Sunday May 12, 2013 at 3:30pm EST (20:30 BST)

On the "Enhanced" server

The Hercules and five Ra'sirian Warships have left the Valley of the Titans, and are enroute to the Battle of Eden.

Upon crossing over to the Known side of the Valley of the Titans, Space seems.... darker, and hope seemingly fades in the hearts of the Crew of the Hercules when they enter communication range of the battle... only to discover that a fleet of ships that once numbered in the thousands... now numbers only 120.

The command structure is broken... and the fleet is facing their imminent destruction - If they only really knew what evil lurked in the shadows....

The final battle for the Paradise of Eden begins now!

Files you will need:

Files you will need:
Alliance's Hercules

Telex Ferra

I may be able to make the beginning but I'll almsot certainly have to go before it's over



Download Links will be up by Sunday Morning - but keep checking often!


As a note - This map is still a VERY early beta....

She's only going to get prettier by season 2 :)

Also note - This is the Second to Last Episode of the Season!

Trevor of Borg

OF course my family decides to go to my grand mothers for dinner >> I hate going there. I wont be able to attend as BI falls into my meal time.

John Adams


Well - some come from some of my other projects (hercules, Iwo-Jima, Normandy etc)

Some from dy100a

The consoles are from the NX mod - I'm looking for a download link I had for a texture pack.... I think it may be included in Normandy v1 - but this link is the same file - more or less (jsyk, I didn't compile this file....)

NX textures:!140&authkey=!AAyoYxxYVQnInGM



John Adams has been having some trouble - this should fix The lack of Texture in the Transporter Pad......(I hope)!141&authkey=!AHsd_ciOdJXAiUo

Just extract the ent_transporter file into a file in your basef folder called textures (if you don't have one, you can create one):