Beyond Infinity: Season 1 Feedback, and a Look ahead!

Started by Klaw, May 19, 2013, 04:51:16 pm

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Overall (On a scale of 1-10) how would you rate Beyond Infinity This season?

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Hey folks

I'd like for you all to take a moment and send me some feedback -

I'd like to know:

Things you LOVED about Beyond Infinty this season

Things you Thought were well done this season

Things I could Improve/Expand on to make BI better next season

And Things I should have never considered doing.

Your feedback will be welcomed! and I hope it will make Season 2 far better than Season 1.

Also - a look ahead at Next Season.... These are the Working Episode Titles for Season 2 - Let the speculation commence!

1. The Refugees

2. Enemy at the Gates

3. Doctor Q

4. The Serpent

5. Beware the Legion

6. Common Bonds

7. The Enemy Within Part 1

8. The Enemy Within Part 2

9.To Boldly Go...

10. Troubles on Terra

11. "Q"uick Response

12. Pyramids of Giza - Part 1

13. Pyramids of Giza - Part 2

14. The Mouth Gapes open

On one final note - I had alot of fun doing Beyond Infinity this season.... developing stories, the works - and I can only hope that you all have had half the fun I had. This SRP wouldn't go on without you though, so thank you for your support while I try to make Season 2 rock your socks!


I enjoyed this season. I did help with in some areas after all. My ego knows no limits.

The thing I've enjoyed is that few people seem to be clocking on that there's something not quite right with Elizabeth. But there's some.. history with her and Walter one way or another.


Telex Ferra

I gotta say I liked all of it except for today's episode. I just couldn't follow what was real and what was a dream. Overall I give it an 8


in a way the only dream of the first part of the episode

second part of the dream was actually a recall of events that occurred in the past

but I will admit it wasnt exactly executed as I have planned