Star Trek: Beyond Infinity - Season 1 Epilogue

Started by Klaw, May 19, 2013, 08:37:22 pm

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Two years of work, building a fleet.... exploring the Realm... and bolstering the defenses of the Alliance have finally come to their test.... and failed miserably. The Alliance Armada, of more than 25,000 Warships was decimated in a matter of days - all that remains of the alliance is a small refugee fleet of 85 ships (mostly civilian), fleeing for their lives - clinging to the hope of a better future - but tormented by the audacity of the utter annihilation they just witnessed.

With a death toll in the Trillions, and thousands more unaccounted for - The Alliance is no more, and the Hadin have achieved a critical victory in their war against all creation.

IN the end, the combined strength of the Minotaur, Olympians, Ed'nari, Asgard, and all the offshoots of these races proved to be drastically inferior to the might and resolve of the Hadin

With the ability to build ships at an alarming rate, and having the Technical Specifications of the Normandy at their Disgression - The Hadin have continued their war on a new front - and With the Alliance out of the way.... there may be no stopping them....- what hope could be left?

Season 2 Kicks off on Sunday June 9th!