Star Trek: Beyond Infinity Season 2 Prologue

Started by Klaw, May 29, 2013, 10:35:37 am

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The Refugee Fleet - as it stands since the Exodus:

Acting Flagship: Hercules - Major General Walter Peirce Commanding

5 Minotaur Warships

13 Olympian Patrol ships

10 Ed'nari Cruisers

7 Asgard Warships

25 Eden-Olympus Traiding Company Patrol Freighters (Drafted to Alliance Defence Service)

24 lightly armed Colony Ships/Private Yachts/Short-Range Freighters (Drafted to Alliance Defence Service)

Total Survivors: 9,967 Alliance Citizens

Leaders Unaccounted for: Zeus (MIA) Hercules (MIA)

Alliance Leaders Confirmed Dead: Uriah Sam Of Taurus, King Minosus of Taurus, Thor of Asgard, Apollo of Apollo, David of Eden, Solomon of Eden, Legion Commander Jupiter of Olympus, Batallion Commander Thrane Orion of Olympus, Field Commander Mary Eve of Eden.

Current State of the Alliance:

Major General Walter Peirce has declared Martial Law throughout the fleet, until such a time as the battered ships can make it to the other side of the Valley of the Titans, and establish a new colony.

The Medical Bays of each ship are overfilled with casualties, and the general consensus is, approximately 250 more people will die before the fleet can get to the colony.... and another 1000 will die shortly after that.

Additionally - In Peirce's words - the Rank structure was too.... "cluttered" - Peirce has overhauled the Chain of Command, and has re-instituted a simpler Rank Scale throughout the fleet.

The Dim Light at the End of the Tunnel:

The Ra'sirian have agreed to take in the Refugees, and let them establish a colony on their third moon - the catch is, The Refugees will have to earn their keep.

The Third Moon was a Dilithium Mining Colony, until an attack by the Anubians woke something up beneath the surface - and the colony was lost. The Ra'sirians targeted the monster from Orbit, and obliterated nearly one-quarter of the moon, Altering the conditions on the planet.... and destroying the creature in the process. The Refugees will have to hope for the best and mine the dilithium for the Ra'sirians (getting to keep 20% of it for their own needs), until a more permanent, and safe solution can be presented.

It's going to be a LONG uphill battle for Survival, and all anyone can do it take it all one step at a time....