Character Development: Season Two

Started by Griffiths, July 02, 2013, 05:06:36 pm

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As I mentioned in the other post, for Season Two, Grizz and I would like to highlight character development. Rather than throw in the random "filler" episode, where you actually have the chance to breathe and build relationships, I want to ask you all to aid us in an alternate approach. (Random "filler" will likely still exist. xD)

Between now and the end of July, I would ask every member of Asteroid Field to private message Grizz and myself. In this message  you should put what aspects of your character you want developed, what you want to see happen to them, anything really.

An example of this could be, I as Andy, want Dr. Rogan to be killed in action sometime this Season. It can be as vague as that, or as descriptive as 'I want my character to locate an unknown cave on Accobar Three's surface, and lead an away team to investigate it."

While none of what you request can be guaranteed, I really want to try to accommodate everyone's wishes as best we can. To that end, it may be advisable to request some more low-key elements, that wouldn't require an entire episode be written around it. The idea here is to let each of you have more of a personal effect on the stories, and to also share with everyone else elements of your character you otherwise have been unable to.

I hope some of you are willing to do this! The sooner any "requests" are sent, the better – as we can plan it into the Season now.


Martin Thompson

Thats a nice idea to get the people more involved into the story. It would also be great to see people not only acting within the story but also developing some relationships between the characters (some of which is already going on). In real life, if you work with someone for a while you get to know them and perhaps become friends or the opposite and try to avoid eachtoher because of some opinion differences. Everyday stuff like that would also be great to see in the RP!