First Steps Models: PART 2

Started by Telex Ferra, July 05, 2013, 05:22:57 pm

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Telex Ferra

Talus has asked me to make a thread for new FS models. IF your character does not have a flag on its uniform, or the model you want to use does not have an FS skin, please post here.

You MAY ask for a second flag on a model that already has a flag, this can be made as the flag2 skin.

Model you Want To Add:

Xellas Tollas

Charactername: Xellas Schmidt
Model you Want To Add: alexa2 (just the flag is missing)
Flag: Germany

In Regards
Xellas Tollas

Telex Ferra

Name: SFC3
Model you Want To Add: Munro
Flag:  Iran

Chris Wilkinson

Name:Chris Wilkinson
Model you Want To Add: Chang
Flag: Japan

Telex Ferra

John Adams

Name: John Adams
Model you Want To Add: Chase
Flag: United States, and an UK one (as my two characters I use for junior positions are from the US and UK)

James Kaney

Jack Daniels
American flag