Star Trek: Beyond Infinity - Season 2, Episode 7: A Peirce in Time

Started by Klaw, July 13, 2013, 02:39:58 am

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Star Trek: Beyond Infinity
Season 2 Episode 7
"A Peirce in Time"
Airdate: Sunday August 11th at 3:30pm EST (20:30 BST)

On the "Enhanced" server

All fronts have been remarkably quiet. The Anubians have been driven back to their planetary orbit by the Ra'sirian, The Minefield (In combination with the newly constructed defense platforms) have left the mouth of the Valley of the Titans Secure from the Hadin and for the first time in a long time, the Hercules is on a mission of exploration.

Having been sent to a region outside the Pyramid worlds, the Hercules (now short an Operations officer) is en route in search of a new planet to colonize; But what they discover - is a planet perfect for the Republic - but with one little hitch.... it's Protected by a gaseous nebula of unknown origin or substance. It'll take all hands on deck for the Hercules to crack this puzzle. (And they still may need some outside help...)

Files you will need:
RPG_Frigate (Hercules)

Telex Ferra


This episode is postponed

See my LoA thread for more details

James Kaney

hey, since im just an engineer, ill take up being the ops officer as an acting position




You don't usually just "take up" being an officer. You have to apply for it or request a transfer from (Depending on how the SRP is ran) from your In game senior officer which would be the Chief Engineer for it to then be signed off by the Duty Officer, The Executive Officer.

As the SOPS you would automatically cover OPS anyway in the event the OPS officer is unavailable. But so would any other Bridge Officer.


Trevor of Borg

My internet is being very finicky, so I dont know if ill be there.


Attention all Beyond Infinity Players.

This episode has been postponed until July 28th 2013.


I do apologize - quite simply, I had the worst luck imaginable on sunday... and being hit by a car when you're taking a walk doesn't help matters either...

never the less - I'm fine! just bruised and sore. This episode will actually be postponed for a while (and another one will take it's place for this sunday - Stay Tuned)


John Adams

I cannot be there, I don't think anyways... If so I'd be very late



How do I extract all of the files into the RPG-X directory?