Star Trek: Beyond Infinity - Season 2, Episode 7: A Peirce in Time

Started by Klaw, July 13, 2013, 02:39:58 am

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Apologies - looks like my post didn't go...

This episode will air This coming Sunday, August 25th

Chris Wilkinson

Uhh do you mean today or tomorrow (Monday) as you made that post for me on 08/25 at 05:19????


It's the time he's posted it at. Board for you and me is set to GMT so 5 AM was around 1AM or Midnight for Klaw. He probably didn't notice the time.

It is today however, (Sunday) at 20:30 GMT.

Xellas Tollas

Klaw, i'm so sorry, i cannot make todays's episode :( ! ... Something came up.
Have fun all together!

John Adams



Hey Klaw if you do this tomorrow I won't be here because I'll be helping my bro move into University sorry :(

December. Cheer for everyone!