New Opening Credits Revealed!

Started by Grizz, July 27, 2013, 06:51:09 pm

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As first shown on the Twitch stream early tonight (if you weren't there, you missed out on some quality content - like me, typing this post) the new title sequence for Star Trek: Asteroid Field has been revealed! I say new.. as though there was a first one. But there was a first. It's hidden on my YouTube channel - never to be seen by anyone because it was awful.

Nevertheless, this new title sequence is valid for one episode only because as you all know, two characters were put at great risk at the end of the first season, and their fates will be revealed early on in the new season. So, expect an update to this as both are visible within - but for now, HERE IT IS!

Ignore the corrupt transitions. I'll.. get around to them.

Martin Thompson

What a fitting theme for the new season. I like the new text style/logo. The only question remains is, what is going to change? Right.... right?

Lucas Picard

That looks an epic intro for the new season Grizz nice one!


Updated for the remainder of Season Two, Part One.


John Adams

Awe yeah. Sitting in a chair. Like a baws.


This is the most beautiful video of RPG-X I've ever seen.  :'(