Star Trek: Beyond Infinity - Season 2, Episode 5: An Unscrupulous Character

Started by Klaw, July 28, 2013, 08:16:35 am

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Star Trek: Beyond Infinity
Season 2 Episode 5
"An Unscrupulous Character"
Airdate: Sunday July, 28 at 3:30pm EST (20:30 BST)

On the "Enhanced" server

I realize, I'm VERY late putting this up....

We're going to take a couple steps back - journey with me back in time, while we introduce ourselves to a new character in the fold of this immersive tale.

It's approximately four years BEFORE Peirce arrives in the Realm, And we find ourselves on an Olympian Penal Colony.

This Mining Camp supplies more than 40% of the Realm's Dilithium needs, and hosts the smallest population of prisoners on any of the 20 penal camps. Needless to say, Conditions are rough, The Guards are brutal, and the Prisoners of this Maximum Security Facility... are even worse....

Files you will need:


This is indeed today,

A couple production notes:

1. Think up some names for a new character, because during the next few weeks, we'll spend some time taking a look at another angle of our story - and this episode will introduce those characters.

2. As I mentioned, we're a maximum security prison camp, set in the heart of nothingness. Feel free to start brawls - even attack guards.

3. Lastly, I'll assign some special positions to people once we get on the server - most Notably, Prison Guards and the Warden

Talus Roben

I've been called into work unexpectedly. I'm not going to make this, sorry. :(

Xellas Tollas