Star Trek: Beyond Infinity - Season 2, Episode 6: Armed and Dangerous

Started by Klaw, July 31, 2013, 10:58:49 pm

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Star Trek: Beyond Infinity
Season 2 Episode 6
"Armed and Dangerous"
Airdate: Sunday August 4 at 3:30pm EST (20:30 BST)

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Having managed to escape the Maximum Security Penal colony, Corin and the rest of the Escaped Convicts aren't wasting any time getting their noses dirty again.

Having made it to the Scrap yards Corin mentioned, the convicts were hit with an unexpected roadblock.... a lack of funds. Over the last couple years... The band of misfits have taken to petty theft, pirating and smuggling aboard their stolen (and slightly modified) cargo hauler. But now, the crew faces their toughest job yet: Can they break into the Bank of Olympus?

Files you will need:

Chris Wilkinson

Telex Ferra