S02E02 - "Justitia Omnibus" - 17/08/13

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Production Code: 2x02
Episode Title: "Justitia Omnibus [Justice for All]"
Writer: Grizz
Air Date: 17th August 2013

With Burke's immunity reluctantly granted by President Taylor, Chaplain edges closer to the location of the implausible recovery of Renee Hampton. But as the crew set sail aboard their new ship, what will they find in orbit of G'rath's homeworld? With the former President at risk of being backed in to a corner as Operation Dawnstar prepares to move ahead, the rebel coalition reappears in time to make their final stand-off. But Dawnstar has a secret - one which could cause the Taylor Administration's fall from grace. How far are the military and the politicians willing to go to rid themselves of the Illuminati cancer which has plagued the Federation for 17 years?

At the countdown runs out, G'rath's motives are finally revealed.

You will need:

Solaris [ USS Hera ]
Starfleet Headquarters


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"Justitia Omnibus" Ten Teasers

1 ) A once-in-a-lifetime special Grizz's birthday edition of Asteroid Field. Be there, or be oblong.

2 ) Rush has been recovered and is confined to guest quarters, awaiting transfer. But he's restless.

3 ) Burke explains his sudden turn of allegiance, and who it was manipulating Renee in Season One.

4 ) The USS Hera, Pioneer's new science vessel, takes on a daring first assignment.

5 ) G'rath to the left of us, Peirce to the right.

6 ) Be sure to have the music pack.

7 ) Tim Rogan dies. Tim Rogan will be fine. Tim Rogan should be fine.

8 ) Chaplain was too late, once. Will he make up for it, now?

9 ) "This will ruin you, Olivia."

10 ) "Right here, in this place, you are going to face justice!"


Martin Thompson




Due to some surprisingly empty motorways, I have returned in time for this episode!



I'll be there.

I'm writing this 30 minutes before the episode.

If I'm not there, get out the flogging sticks!

December. Cheer for everyone!