S02E04 - "Do No Harm" - 31/08/13

Started by Griffiths, August 27, 2013, 06:16:37 pm

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Production Code: 2x04
Episode Title: "Do No Harm"
Writer: Griffiths
Air Date: 31st August 2013

Now five days after returning to Pioneer Station, though no longer critical, Doctor Rogan remains unresponsive. Chaplain suspects Rogan is suffering from more than a mild head injury, and is forced to dig deeper into Rogan's history. Through the aid of a clever nurse and just pure luck, Doctor Rogan may just cheat death once more.. but it won't be without its consequences. Meanwhile, Mr. Tabor continues to assimilate himself into the crew, wanting desperately to speak with Chaplain to discuss an "urgent matter".

You Will Need:
Vanderbilt 3.2.1 [ Pioneer ]

You Know You Want:
Accobar Music Pack [ Best Music Pack ]

Martin Thompson

To summarize with new gifts given to us by Veritas:

Rogan might not :explode: whilst Chaplain finds some  >:D about him. In the meanwhile, Timor :assimilate: the :wave:. That pretty much sum it up  :lol:?


These are indeed splendid gifts and I DO love gifts! It's going to be a VERY interesting episode and I look forward to it very, very much.

December. Cheer for everyone!


You all get no teasers because Griff's week went to hell. xd

Really though, I'll give a few more details as I lay in bed.

This episode will have a large focus on Dr. Rogan, driven by Chaplain given Rogan's state. I don't want to give many details here, but yes, Rogan does survive. While Sickbay finally has some camera action, everyone else will be meeting a new character. On the "new" Promenade. With the new bar. Hmm. Mr. Tabor will be wanting to talk with Chaplain throughout the episode, but ill give you a hint and say he isn't successful until the last few moments. Their conversation will lead us into next week's episode, where you can all expect some character bonding and psychiatric evaluations.

This is very much my episode highlighting Andy's character dev requests. It will be the plot I drive tomorrow, though it will mostly not affect th rest if the crew. Mostly. Everyone is encouraged to character dev here, just be ready to participate in a few key points. :)

Next week will see us all interacting much more closely, and in light of this I will be speaking to a few on how we can incorporate your character's development!

Please don't think this episode is only for Rogan. With Grizz covering me like her younger brother, you will definitely be engaged.

I apologize for the odd looking, error-ridden syntax. Teh Griffs is tired and sore. See you all tomorrow!

Martin Thompson

Quotebut yes, Rogan does survive

Aaaaw..... XD

I'm looking forward to the next Griff installment of AF. Will give Jemma some time to get back to some scientific research. Did I hear anyone say that we still didn't know who placed those cloaking field emitters on Asteroid Base?