Asteroid Field - Sunday Bonus Attempt

Started by Grizz, November 02, 2013, 04:38:37 pm

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Who would be available at 20.30 GMT tomorrow for a second attempt?

Or, failing that, post your availability for 18.30 GMT, also (the original AB slot).

This is a last ditch effort to keep things on schedule.


December. Cheer for everyone!

Lucas Picard

Same I be free I might need a cheer up if I don't keep my job after the private chat with Martin Thompson xD


I am available and would prefer the 18:30 time slot.


I'll do my best, but can't make any promises as Sundays are highly variable for me!


I should be able to make it but there is some chance I may disappear towards the end.

TLO Gold account holder


I should be able to do the 20:30 slot. I may have to disappear slightly early.


Martin Thompson

I'm a bit pissed off now. Not at you Grizz don't get me wrong, at myself. I promised i would be there but I couldn't be, as fellow SRP running I know how frustrating that is for you so please accept me sincerest apologies.

I'd be up for Tomorrow 20:30, anything before  19:30 and I can't guarantee that i won't have to leave halfway due to dinner though.


No worries, MT. We were still in a position to go ahead when you warned me earlier. 


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If I hear from a few more before 18.30 tonight, this should be going ahead for a 20.30 start. Thanks for the responses so far.  :)

John Adams

Talus Roben


Sorry I can't do asteroid field my rpg-x needs to be reinstalled and my  internet is currently too slow to do that in any reasonable time.

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The Investigator

Sunday is no-go for me, and plus, I'm still without my main laptop.