S02E10 - "New Dawn, Red Dawn" - 16/11/13

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Production Code: 2x10
Episode Title: "New Dawn, Red Dawn"
Writer: Grizz
Air Date: 16th November 2013

During a visit by a battle-worn Ka'teth, to aid in locating two missing Starfleet officers, Pioneer faces down multiple incursions by the Klingon extremist faction, Red Dawn. Having replaced James Wright as Head of Starfleet Operations in the Tyrella sector, Commodore Leona Mason sends her daughter back to the Accobar system to temporarily reinforce Michael Barnes - who has been serving as acting Station Commander for longer than was intended. Mason continues to push Costello for information during her time on Qo'nos while Ensign Perry steps up to prove his worth as Kyle Mitchell's successor.

The crew knows that quelling the Red Dawn threat and gaining new leads would help shape the Accobar system for the foreseeable future - but there's still the matter of Walter Peirce to attend to - and the next revelation that he is willing to share with Jemma Etis will leave one of their own standing alone and facing a shocking accusation when the hounds are inevitably released.



I wondered why I was going to 215. It would have been nice to see if there is actually anyone there, but I think I'd prefer Pioneer either way.


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"New Dawn, Red Dawn" 10 Teasers

1 ) We start in the Accobar System...... 2382.

2 ) Sophia insists that Barnes continue to call the shots during her stay.

3 ) A crew member learns more about recent events than they ever could have imagined.

4 ) A lot has happened to Ka'teth since he joined President Taylor at the signing ceremony.

5 ) Speaking of which, the President makes contact with the former ambassador - to make an unlikely request.

6 ) Captain Mason stumbles upon a surprising get-together. But which Mason?

7 ) Peirce hands over a video recording to Jemma. What might it contain?

8 ) The Hera travels to the heart of former Cult of Romulus space - visited in the Season 1 finales of Old and New Asteroid Base.

9 ) Morality over duty? A difficult question is asked in this episode.

10 ) Had enough surprises this season? Tough.