Lesson I (B) Moving and Looking

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Chapter I: The Basics
Lesson B: Moving and looking

Written by Telex Ferra
Edited by Academy Faculty

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Movement in RPG-X is similar to most other first-person shooters. WASD keys control forward, left, back, and right movements respectively. The mouse can be used to look around freely. The c key allows you to crouch into confined spaces like jeffries tubes, and spacebar allows you to jump.

RPG-X also has a few tools to help you move around the map.

TURBOLIFTS (old variety): What's a starship without a turbolift? On some older maps, turbolifts are implemented by creating a turbolift car with buttons that you can push to take you to specific decks. Stand close to and aim at these buttons and press the use key (E by default) and you will be taken to your destination. These kinds of lifts are being phased out by retroactive map upgrades, and replaced with newer turvolifts.

TURBOLIFTS (new variety): The new turbolifts are both much more immerse and easier to navigate. Walk up to the turbolift console and press the use key. A menu will open up with all available destinations and a small description of what's on each deck. Click the button for your destination and "engage" and the turbolift will take you there. see rpg_poseidon_b for an example of such a turbolift.

LADDERS: IN RPG-X, ladders can be used by either walking up to the ladder and simply pressing jump (to go up) or crouch (to go down), or by looking in the direction you want to go and pressing forward.

TRANSPORTERS (old variety): Some RPG-X maps have functional transporters that can move you from one point on a map to another. Old-style transporters connect only two points, and are triggered by pressing a button while standing in the right place. See rpg_runabout for an example of such a transporter.

TRANSPORTERS (new variety): Newer RPG-X maps (Enhanced Edition Only) have fully functional tansporters that allow you to beam one transporter pad to a multitude of locations. To use such a transporter, press the use key on the control panel to open the transporter menu. From here, you can pick a destination and a time delay. The optional time delay is meant to give you enough time to reach the transporter pad once you've entered the transpoter command. Once you've selected a desitnation and a time delay, press "engage".

In "configure" -> "controls" -> "commands" you can find and set a button to toggle 3rd person view. This is sometimes useful when trying to use emotes (discussed later), and some RPG-X players even prefer to roleplay entirely in 3rd person view.