Lesson I (C) Chatting, messaging, and declaring

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Chapter I: The Basics
Lesson C: Chatting, messaging, and declaring

Written by Telex Ferra
Edited by Academy Faculty

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RPG-X comes with four principle ways of communicating with other players.

Global Chat: This is the chat you will be using the most often in RPG-X. Any message types into global chat will be sent to all players on the server. This is the chat you should use for all RPs that have fewer than ten players. If the RP has more than ten players, only use global chat if your conversation is crucial to the plot. Global chat is bound to the "t key" by default and appears white.

Local Chat: This is the chat you will use during large RPs when your conversation is not crucial to the plot. For instance, if your RP has 15 people, not everybody needs to know that the medic ate a tuna sandwich for lunch. Local chat is bound to the "y key" by default and appears green.

Private Chat: This is the chat you will use when you want to communicate privately with a single player. You can start a private message by aiming at a player and pressing the "u key". . Alternatively, you can send a private message to someone in another room by client ID. To find someone's client ID, open the player menu by holding down TAB and finding a client ID. Once you have the person's ID, open the console with the " `/~ key" (above the console) and typing /tell <ID> <message> without the angle brackets.

TIP1: If the message prompt doesn't open up after you press the "u key", try to aim at the other player's feet and try pressing the "u key" again
TIP2: Any player you have not yet seen has their id marked as 0. If the person you want to message has ID 0, make sure they are the right person before you send any potentially compromising info.

/me: The /me command allows you to express an action your character performs. For example, if my name is Bill Balan and I type "/me eats a cheesecake", the message "Bill Balan eats a cheesecake" will appear on everyone's screen.

TIP: The /melocal command DOES exist, but is buggy and should be avoided.

NOTE: Admins can see any message you send in any of these forms.