Lesson II (D) Firefights

Started by Minutias, April 21, 2014, 09:10:41 pm

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Chapter II: RPG-X Etiquette
Lesson D: Firefights

Written by Talus Roben
Edited by Academy Faculty

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RPG-X is a roleplaying game rather than a shooter, even though that is the purpose of the game on which it is based. As such when the plot calls for a fire fight you are trying to create a dramatic set piece rather than prove to your fellow players which one of you has the best 'fragging' skills ('Fragging' in any form is prohibiting on the TLO server in any case).

There are 2 ways to roleplay a firefight; descriptively or dramatically.

In a descriptive firefight no shots are fired at all. The participants simply describe their actions using the /me command until the conclusion of the fight.

In a dramatic firefight the participants will fire their weapons at one another BUT will deliberately aim to miss the other players ensuring that they do not hit anyone else.

It is important to remember that any major consequences of a firefight will have already been determined by the plot's CO. As a rule of thumb, just don't shoot each other ever, and you should be alright.