Lesson III (C) How to have fun when not directly involved

Started by Minutias, April 21, 2014, 09:31:37 pm

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Chapter III: Jumping into roleplaying
Lesson C: How to have fun when not directly involved

Written by Telex Ferra
Edited by Academy Faculty

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Some RPs can get to be quite large, and when the RP is big enough that each division has a few lower level people (like eng, sec, sci etc.), it's possible that not every person can contribute all the time. You simply just can't only react to what your commanding officer tells you to do, and sit around doing nothing otherwise. That's not fun! Think about what a Starfleet security officer would do in her spare time. She might go to the messhall and meet with her friends in the engineering division, go to the holodeck, or catch up on some reports in her room. Maybe while an engineering crewman is on duty without a specific task from the CE, he'll go to sickbay to make sure the latest alterations to the biobed are working, or maybe he will work with the chief to run down some bug in the ship's computer.

While these things are not super awesome cool decisions with the universe in the balance, they contribute greatly to you building a believable and likable character.