TLO Happy Hour #1 - Revival!: The Grand Reopening (June 14th, 2014)

Started by SFC3, June 03, 2014, 07:22:34 pm

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That's right, the Happy Hours are coming back. I plan to make these "Happy Hours" sporadic events every two weeks. The first of these new events start June 14th at 6PM EDT (Click here to see in GMT and other timezones.)

The main difference between the old and new Happy Hours are that they are no longer just for "PvE". Thanks to the "every two weeks" model, we can participate in STO Weekend Events and anything else that is requested by participants, like PvP or Fleet Marks events.

The "Grand Reopening" event will take place June 14th at 6PM EDT (as stated above) and we meet up at the Risian Summer Event zone as it will be going on throughout this month. Once we go around the map and go through events and what not, we will also participate in the Elachi Alert Weekend Event by playing the event in the PvE queue. Then, if we have enough time, participants can recommend what we do next and that will be the end of the event.

To sign up for the event, please post below if you can attend and if the time is alright with you. It is always subject to change at any given notice. Also you can RSVP for the event ingame under the TLO fleet tab. You will find the TLO Happy Hour event there.

I hope to see a great turnout for this brand new version of the TLO Happy Hour!
- SFC3



I'll be there. It's a bit late for me but who cares it is



Thanks for coming out everyone. We had a fairly decent turnout from Monroe, Dendo Hellen, GSIO01, and Trevor (for a picture)!

Everyone above will be entered into a drawing for some prizes from the TLO Fleet bank for coming to the grand reopening of the event. Now below are some fleet pictures we took, I think we did a decent job:


Here are the results of the drawing:

Monroe has won 250,000 Energy Credits. Thanks for coming to the event everyone, I hope you had a blast playing with fellow TLO members.

Don't forget, they'll be another Happy Hour in two weeks. I'll post with details as when move closer to that date.


Congratulations to Monroe for the great win! Happy to see members participating too. Awesome.  @_@