Star Trek: Eternity - Back Story and Synopsis.

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It is the year 2289 of the 23rd Century. Yet our story began In the Earth year of 2156, the Starfleet vessel, Enterprise NX-01, discovered a region of space that was unknown to even the Vulcans. It existed in no starmaps, yet it was a sector that was home to an ancient station. Shortly after Starfleet Command and the Coalition between Earth, Vulcan, Denobula and other worlds agreed to seal the sector away after multiple vessels on the hunt for treasure and fortune went missing. For over a century that sector has been untouched by vessels.

But in the Earth year of 2250 of the 23rd Century, Starfleet and the Federation have opened the gates into the sector with a bold project set fourth by the Organians. Over countless eons civilizations have used this station by their request, each building on top of another, refitting older systems with their own, learning about those that outmatched their own. The Federation's bold project, is to do the same. A City of Peace sitting gracefully in amongst the stars.

The station has been under refit over decades of work to ensure it's habitability. At just over 44,000 Meters in length, this 28 mile long city of the stars is to be the home of a new age of peace to the powers of this era. they are:
The United Federation of Planets
The Romulan Star Empire
The Klingon Empire
The Tholian Assembly
The Gorn Hegemony
The Hydran Kingdoms
The Lyran Star Empire
The Kzinti Hegemony

These seven powers have for the first time come together in peace on this station, much at the request of the Organians. Starfleet, as the apparently most civilized of the group have at the Tholians request to the Organians, be put in charge of running the station. The Klingons and Romulans while annoyed, see no problem in letting Starfleet divert its resources to keeping the station operational, rather than to be used against them.

But, where do you come in? Are you a Starfleet Officers? Or a Liaison officer for one of the other powers? are you a representative of the Tholians, a chosen member of another race selected to speak for them? or are you an Ambassador? A Civilian?
Do you patrol the decks as a security officer or do you simply drink your credits away in the bar? Your fate is in your hands.