TLO Happy Hour #2 - The Bonus Marks Sequel! (June 28th 2014)

Started by SFC3, June 27, 2014, 08:52:18 pm

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After the success of the first event the TLO Happy Hours are back and here to stay! I plan to make these "Happy Hours" sporadic events every two weeks. The event will start Tomorrow at 6PM EDT (Click here to see in GMT and other timezones.) The main difference between the old and new Happy Hours are that they are no longer just for "PvE". Thanks to the "every two weeks" model, we can participate in STO Weekend Events and anything else that is requested by participants, like PvP or Fleet Marks events.

This week, it is Bonus Marks Weekend! We will meet up at the Fleet Starbase and run through a few Fleet Marks events to donate to the fleet at the end of the hour. After of course, fleet requested events as always and a drawing for a small reward of 100,000 EC for all of those who participate.

To sign up for the event, please post below if you can attend and if the time is alright with you. It is always subject to change at any given notice. Also you can RSVP for the event ingame under the TLO fleet tab. You will find the TLO Happy Hour event there.

The last event was a great success and I hope to see even more of you there this time!
- SFC3

P.S. There will be a special Happy Hour next week devoted to one of our most underutilized TLO STO fleets - The Klingon Side. More details very soon.


I can attend, I'm not sure which character I should bring, however.

I have my science federation, but if I use that, you would all have to draw fire off of me because it's incredible weak.

On the other hand, I have a new Tactical-Fed character, it is level 4 and needs levelling up.