Guide to Install RPG-X on OSX

Started by Telex Ferra, November 03, 2014, 11:54:41 AM

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Telex Ferra

November 03, 2014, 11:54:41 AM Last Edit: November 05, 2014, 12:03:12 PM by Telex Ferra
This method has been tested on a 2014 Macbook Air running OS10.10 (Yosemite).

During this process, you will need to download a program called Crossover. Crossover comes with a free 14 day trial period, but then required a purchase of $59.99. This will give you two weeks to decide whether or not RPG-X is right for you. Considering that the software costs no more than any newly released game, and that Crossover can also help you run other Windows programs and games on your Mac, I believe that the purchase is well worth it.

Please note that The Last Outpost is not affiliated with CodeWeavers, the creators of Crossover, in any way, shape, or form. TLO does not make any money from the sale of Crossover.

Step 1: Download Crossover

Download Crossover here

Under Crossover Mac, click download trial, then enter a name and email address and fill in the captcha. Your download should start immediately after. Crossover should install as any other OSX product would. Please see the Crossover website for install instructions if you are having trouble.

Step 2: Download RPG-XIUE or RPG-XSE

RPG-XUE/RPG-XSE Download Page

RPG-XUE contains almost all the maps and files you will ever need to play on the TLO servers. RPG-XSE only contains the absolute minimum needed to connect. We recommend downloading RPG-XUE, but if you are concerned about internet usage or local hard drive space, you may choose to download RPG-XSE.

Step 2.5: Download "The Unarchiver" from the App Store (RPG-XUE Only)

RPG-XUE is packaged in the 7zip format in order to cut down on the download size. If you do not alreayd have a program to extract 7z files, search for The Unarchiver on the Mac App store. The app is totally free and is capable of uncompressing many common file types used by TLO including .zip, .7z, and .rar.

Once the program is installed, unzip the RPG-XUE package.

Step 3: Installing RPG-X

1: Open Crossover
2: When reminded that the program is a trial, click "Try Now" (this screen will go away if/when you decide to buy the program)
3: At the bottom of the window, click "Install a Windows Application"
4: You will now see a window with multiple accordion menus. The top one says "Supported Applications". Scroll down to the bottom of the list and under "Unsupported Applications", click "Other Application."
5: Now click "Select an installer"
6: Now click "choose installer file"
7: Browse to the installer file and select it. The RPG-X installer should now open. Select all the default options and let it install. This may take over half an hour, so take a break if you'd like.

Step 4: Making the Master Server Visible

RPG-X mostly works out of the box, but you'll still need to make a few small tweaks to be able to see the TLO server.

Open Crossover. Click the icon with the bottles on the top left so that the menu expands and the bottle icon is now blue. You should see the bottle you installed RPG-X into, usually called RPG-X Ultimate Edition or RPG-X Standard Edition. Right click the bottle name on the list and click open C: drive.

Browse to

.../Users/Crossover/Application Data/RPGXEF/RPG-X2

and open hmconfig.cfg in your favorite text editor. I personally use Sublime text, but a default Mac text editor should work just as well.

Add the following lines to the file anywhere you want, making sure that they are all on their own lines.

seta sv_master5 ""
seta sv_master4 ""
seta sv_master3 ""

save the file and close it. You should now be able to find the TLO server.

Step 5: Launching RPG-X

Either launch RPG-X from the Launchpad, or run it directly from the crossover window. The correct executable is the RPG-X logo and is called "The Last Outpost RPG-X Ultimate Edition" or "The Last Outpost RPG-X Standard Edition".

Once the game launches, it will load directly into holomatch, Elite Force's original, unmodded multiplayer mode. If you are having a problem with screen resolution, please see the list of common bugs at the end of the guide.

Click that you will enter your CD key later, leave the brightness as it is and click through until you reach the main menu. Click "mods" and select RPG-X2.0 and then launch the mod. The game should minimize and re-open as RPG-X.

Click "configure", then "game options" and make sure that auto downloading is turned OFF. Now press escape until you're back at the main RPG-X menu.

Click "Online roleplay" then "search for servers" and set the settings in the top right as follows:

Servers: Internet3
Gametype: RPG-X2
Sort by: (Your choice)
Show full: yes
show empty: yes

You shoudl now see the TLO Spicy and or TLO Teriyaki servers. Try to connect to one of them. Note that if you downloaded RPG-XSE, you may not have the map the server is currently running.

If the server loads successfully and you are able to move around on the map, then congratulations, you've installed RPG-X and are ready to begin roleplaying!


I opened holomatch/RPG-X but the screen alignment is all wrong! I can hear it but the image is not centered correctly on my screen or isn't appearing at all!

- While holomatch/RPG-X is open, press Command+Enter. This should re-open the game window in windowed mode.

The game looks really dark no matter how much I adjust the brightness.

- Type /r_gamma 0 and then /r_gamma 1. This should fix the brightness issue.

My shift key isn't working and I can't type parenthesis or the carat symbol.

- This happens occasionally. Restart RPG-X.

I get an AL error whenever someone plays music!

- There is no known fix for this issue, but luckily it isn't very common. If you find yourself being spammed with messages, type /music music/ to stop the currently playing song locally. It will prevent you from hearing music until a server admin changes the current song, but you shouldn't be spammed with messages anymore.

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