Club 47 Is Ready for Business!

Started by SFC3, November 20, 2014, 06:46:37 pm

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From Thursday 11/20 at 10AM until Monday 11/24 at 10AM, head to Club 47 for a little R&R in the new Lounge, or grab some synthehol and a sympathetic ear from our El-Aurian bartender in the Cantina, and don't forget to hit the newly designed Dance Floor and test out the newest dance, the Shuffle!

During this special grand reopening weekend of Club 47, any player that logs in to STO and visits the hottest social zone in ESD or visits Drozana Station will get the following for free:

Male and Female Club Wear

This hot new Club Wear will available in its own Tailor category alongside the Uniform and Off Duty options located in the Advanced

Uniform tab options.

This Club Wear is restricted to ESD, Drozana, Risa, and Federation & Klingon Starbases.

Dance Emote: Shuffle

Unlock this new dance emote for your Captain to impress others in any quadrant.

Make sure to log in this weekend to get your hands on these FREE giveaways before this reopening event is over and these items become the newest additions to be sold by your local Ferengi merchants. If you miss the event, these items will be available for sale in the GPL store for your purchase at any time.

Plus, don't miss our next Livestream Friday 11/21 at 12:30PM PST with CaptainSmirk and Special Guest Dev Nick 'TacoFangs' Duguid as they join you on the dance floor for fun and a tour of the new Club 47!