Several Map-making questions?

Started by MStickney, November 23, 2014, 01:38:59 AM

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Recently I have decided that I will try to make an RPG-X map (I expect to crash-and-burn, but why not try), so I have several questions (I am using a software called on my computer "UberRadiant"):

-How on earth do I make buttons do things?
-I have heard of things called "entity's" what are they?
-Any good tutorial vids for UberRadiant?
-(Semi-unrelated) Am I in way, way over my head?


If I think of any more questions I will post a reply.


Personally I use EF radiant so I can't say if it's the same.

As with entities they are just really 'interactive' objects in a way eg. consoles turbolifts etc. (though my knowledge is limited on the matter and forcefields and spawned chars also count as entities and I don't consider them awfully interactive).

As for tutorials JF media has a very rough tutorial on youtube and griffin endurance has a really good tutorial for making maps better (i.e. you need to already know how to map). I don't know much about any downloadable tutorials you can get online though.
Are you out of your depth? That purely depends on how much time you are willing to dedicate towards the map. For a really good map it can take a while, in  griffin endurance's video I mentioned earlier he took an hour or two just constructing the platform area for the chair and maybe the console area too but I don't know.
However as a beginner myself I believe it is best to start small so I'd recommend a shuttley map to familiarise yourself with everything before you begin a bigger project.

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Currently I am planning on creating  a mapping beginners tutorial for EX Astra, though I dont know how far we will get with that.

I recommend useing GTK Radiant 1.5 for mapping. For some reasources, check out this topic:,7268.0.html (bottom of first post list links to resources you need to start mapping).

It is hard to answer questions like ";how do i start mapping", however i also see you have some specific questions, those can be answered relatively easy. I dont have time atm since i am at work and some explanations can be a bit long-winded so i think it is better if you would contact me on skype or forum pm sometime so we can discuss it. My skype is