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Started by Serris, February 17, 2015, 05:08:45 pm

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Positions have been assigned. I'd like to have a helmsman before we begin, but what we have is enough to schedule the pilot. SOOOOOOON.

Trevor of Borg

Name: Chad Andrews
Race: Human
Positions: CFO, ACE, Medical officer, Engineer, security


Yay, a time that I can be awake and join in! So excited!

Character Name: Mike Toye
Race: Human
Model: Spider
1: Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
2: Assistant Chief of Security
3: Chief Support Craft Pilot
4: Head Counselor
5: Security Investigations Officer

Honestly, though, you can put me at any position. Whatever role you need filled as a priority, I can fit right into!

Samual Johnson

Character Name: John Barnes
Model: Long

2:Master at Arms


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All applications have been processed. Positions are still available!

idsaluteyoubub, I recommend using a different model. Spider's head has graphics errors with the movie uniform.


I'm using the Spider model. I think you meant Samual!


Quote from: idsaluteyoubub on March 01, 2015, 10:28:12 am
I'm using the Spider model. I think you meant Samual!

I'd meant you, I'd just gotten the model name wrong. Aside from his face, Spider's head is invisible when using the series' uniform.


Ah, ok! Put me down for Pelletier then!

Mutatio Nomen

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Name: T'Lona

Race: Vulcan

Model: Selar

1 Engineer
2 Science Officer
3 Security Officer
4 Computer Specialist
5 Matter/Antimatter Specialist


Application processed. Welcome aboard! I'm sure Scott will be glad to have someone else down in engineering.


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Quote from: idsaluteyoubub on March 03, 2015, 09:40:33 am
Ah, ok! Put me down for Pelletier then!

As it turns out, Kray, Paris, Pelletier, Showers, and Spider all have the same problem: they don't have head textures for the movie uniform. I'll work on it, but for now, I wouldn't recommend using them.


Dang, I must be bad luck, haha!

I'm really just trying to find someone with some sort of facial hair. I can do Imperial2, but I was looking for someone younger looking. I'll do that model though.

But if it's not too much a problem, is there any way I can ask for a new skin, or is it too late for that? I honestly don't know how much effort it takes for you, so if it takes a lot, don't worry. If not, just a guy with a full beard, and medium long brown hair. Let me know!


I'll just try and fix the skins you originally wanted to use by giving them head textures. It'll require a separate file download, though.



Name: Ryu Ozuwara

Race: Human

Model: Kim

1.Astrometrics Officer
2.Science Officer
3.Matter/Energy Specialist
4.Computer Specialist
5.Assistant Chief Engineer
I like guns...