Episode Eleven: "The Road Ahead"

Started by Serris, June 14, 2015, 02:50:17 pm

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"No Eugenics Wars. No Xindi incident in the 22nd century."

Word has spread to the crew that the Phoenix has been displaced in a parallel universe. Admiral Chen informed Captain He that, as the Phoenix is not a vessel of his Federation's Starfleet, the recent transfer orders are null and void. However, he offers the new crew a choice: Return to K-7 and await further orders, or stay aboard the Phoenix and help her crew find a way home. With no real place to start, it seems to be a very daunting task, but Admiral Chen offers a useful piece of information that could be the key to getting back.

"You'd been reassigned, so it wasn't relevant to your new mission, but now... things have changed. Federation Border Security detected a second subspace disturbance at the same moment as the Janus eruption... in Tholian space."

With the Romulans proving to be a resurgent threat, and the Phoenix's only hope lying deep within hostile territory, the Federation is unable to grant them an escort or any official support. However, Starfleet Sciences and the Daystrom Institute promise to work on their problem. Meanwhile, the crew begins efforts of their own.

Commander Vetrel and Lieutenant Foster pledge to stay on board, assisting where they can. Foster, Barnes, and Lopez plot a dangerous course into Tholian space. Left with no other options, Captain He commits to the plan of action, wondering if her crew is up to the task.

LCARS Database references for this episode:
     •     Anomaly: Janus Prime Vortex
     •     Anomaly: Parallel Universe
     •     Anomaly: Quantum Phase Disturbance
     •     Landmark: Azure Nebula
     •     Landmark: Deep Space Station K-7
     •     Landmark: Janus System

Scott Archer

I was half way between 3 and 4 with this one. It felt a bit slow to me and I think the pacing was slightly off.

It also in some ways felt incomplete. Almost more like a continuous middle. This kind of episode is good and helps carry on a season story arc but I don't think it worked starting the season with it.

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