Anomaly: Parallel Universe

Started by Serris, June 14, 2015, 03:14:35 PM

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Debut: "Terminus"
Date of Encounter: Stardate 13046.94 - January 18th, 2310, 03:11

A parallel universe is a theoretical concept in quantum physics. In a parallel universe, anything that could have happened or can happen, has and does happen, in a different reality that exists parallel to the one we occupy. People make different choices that affect the outcomes of their lives, some minor, some major, and it effectively snowballs into a different, alternate history.

The Phoenix was unknowingly pulled into a parallel universe after escaping the Janus Prime Vortex. This was discovered during the events of "Revelations".

Episode Appearances:
     •     "Terminus"
     •     "Intermission"
     •     "Flight of the Phoenix"
     •     "Crow's Nest"
     •     "Clipped Wing"
     •     "Revelations"
     •     "The Road Ahead"