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Started by Telex Ferra, July 19, 2015, 12:18:39 pm

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Telex Ferra

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Many members of the community have come to me expressing concerns about senior positions in SRPs. Mainly these concerns have focused on "the same old people" always getting the senior positions, leaving the less exciting (but still fun!) junior positions for newer members.

The RPG-X staff has come up with a system that we believe will balance the scales: SRP Certification.

SRP Certification is an opt-in program for anyone looking to improve their RPing skills and anyone looking for an official record that they are good enough players to be placed in senior positions in SRPs. Once you finish the program, you are awarded with SRP Certification, a signal to SRP runners that you are a quality RPer and one they can trust to perform well in crucial roles.

To be clear, this is not a mandatory program. At TLO we believe that SRP runners have the ultimate say in who can and can't participate in their SRPs, and so they are free to use or ignore certification as they desire. All this system will do is allow TLO to signal to SRP runners that certain players are verified as quality RPers.

In order to start the process, the RPG-X staff has decided to give certification to any perosn who has run a TLO SRP for more than 10 episodes. This means that myself, Martin Thompson, Serris, Jenson, Veritas, Klaw, Grizz, and Andromeda are now certified. (If I missed anyone please let me know)

We will put out information on the certification process in a day or two after we have a chance to answer your questions here in this thread. To start off, I've put together a list of questions and answers I think you all may be wondering.

How do I get certification?

Either complete the certification program, or run a TLO SRP for more than ten episodes.

What's the certification program?

Read more about the program here: http://www.last-outpost.net/forum/index.php/board,402.0.html

Does a lack of certification mean I'm a bad RPer?

Not at all. This system is not meant to be a judgment on those who aren't certified, just a positive affirmation that those who are certified are quality players.

Can I participate in an SRP without certification?

Absolutely. We ARE NOT requiring or even asking SRP runners to only pick certified people for their senior staffs. If SRP runners want to totally ignore this system, that is their prerogative. On the flip side, if SRP runners wants to exclusively use certified people, that is also their right.

Will lack of certification keep me from holding a senior position in an SRP?

Again, that's totally up to the SRP runner. TLO will have no guidelines on this.

How did you choose the initial group of people for automatic certification?

The purpose of this system is to single out the players who do exceptionally well in SRPs. We believe that anyone who can run an SRP for an extended period of time has what it takes to be a fun and engaging person to RP with. That being said, we realize that a lot of very very good RPers were not given certification in the initial group. Scott Archer, RPG-X XO, is a very very talented RPer and he will still go through this process if he so chooses.

In essence, we did not want to arbitrarily certify people we liked because that wouldn't be fair. We picked a strict metric and stuck to it.

Does certification or lack of certification affect my chances of promotion or winning awards?

Absolutely not.

Does certification or lack of certification affect my chances of running a TLO SRP?

Not directly. SRPs are chosen by vote, and people may vote one way or another depending on your certification, but the RPG-X staff will treat all SRP applications as equal, no matter who submitted it.

What will the award look like?

Telex Ferra

This is good with everyone? Nobody has any questions?

Martin Thompson

I have no questions personally, though I don't know if all (especially the newer players) are reading this topic. Perhaps it is a good idea to drop a "I've read it" post below, especially if you are a relatively new player, since we are doing this for you, so we know you've taken notice of this.

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I have read and am all ready to applied for the team group 1 also what day is this hosted?
Dorothy Xio

Telex Ferra

As with a real SRP, the training SRP's time can be found in its Date and Time thread located on its main board.