How to Install Custom Content (Maps, Music, Models etc.)

Started by Telex Ferra, February 19, 2011, 05:48:47 PM

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Telex Ferra

This is a short guide to installing new maps, skins, music paks, classsets, ranksets etc.

TLO members should be able to open .zip files (already available on modern systems) and .rar files. If you are unable to open either file type, download WinZip

The important thing to remember is that .pk3 files should go into

C:Program FilesThe Last Outpost RPG-X Complete EditionRPG-X2

Almost all RPG-X downloads will be a .zip file containing a .pk3 and a readme. Make sure that you put the .pk3 in the RPG-X2 folder and not the .zip.

If you download a file and you are not sure how to install it, please post in this thread and someone will assist you.