Episode Twenty - Season Two Finale: "Chain of Command"

Started by Serris, October 29, 2015, 09:43:06 pm

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4 - Coherent. Despite a few minor bouts of confusion, the plot was understandable.
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Sunday, November 15th, 2015 @ 1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM GMT.

The Geronimo was forced to abandon its rescue operations by a wing of Tholian battle cruisers. Damage to the ship incapacitated Captain Hargat, leaving Captain He to take command. By firing high-yield photon torpedoes into the mantle of the planet, the unstable balance of the ecosystem came apart at the seams, the core of the planet going critical and exploding, ejecting massive amounts of debris and allowing the ship to escape.


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I got little frustrated when I didn't get the chair..

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Scott Archer

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Quote from: Shoot on November 15, 2015, 02:58:02 pm
I got little frustrated when I didn't get the chair..
I didn't either and CE is surely closer to a command position than a counsellor or a helmsman :P

My review of the episode, is that that it was fun and enjoyable and I enjoyed seeing He get back into command... Things were a little different in engineering, partly because I was breaking I a new character and because I had help, but that's fun and certainly opens up new options for me in character building and I look forward to seeing what happens next down there!
The episode moved at a good pace and it seemed to me, that most people had things to do at most points within the episode, and as you know I am a continued fan of the coin toss!

A couple of criticisms I do have, is that we were fighting the Tholians again, whilst trying to escape them. You do manage to make battles feel unique but maybe they need to be cut down on slightly in season 3 perhaps as it felt like we had one most episodes in season 2. Also, I'd like to see more ground combat fights in the future and maybe some more thought provoking stories.
My other main criticism is that it didn't feel like a season finale. The story possibly may have been stronger had to ended the season with the ship crashing and then starting season 3 with the rescue, or perhaps having the rescue as a 'special.'
But overall, I think this was a solid 4 and I look forward to what you (and Telex) have for us in the future!

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