rpgxEF Install Guide for RPGXCE (OLD)

Started by Veritas, February 21, 2011, 11:39:52 AM

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This thread is out of date! Please see this thread first!

Again, this thread is OUT OF DATE and should ONLY be used by users (a) have a physical copy of Elite Force or (b) cannot run rpgxEF through RPGXCE. This SHOULD NOT be used by anyone who downloaded RPG-XCE from our website.

rpgxEF for RPGXCE Install Guide

rpgxEF is the most recent RPG-X engine. Unlike ioCow and ioEF, (which comes packaged with RPGXCE) rpgxEF is not backwards comparable. This means that you will not be able to access the normal TLO server while using rpgxEF. Fortunately, you can set up two different installs so that you can seamlessly switch between ioEF/ioCow and rpgxEF.

The rpgxEF engine eliminates many of the errors found in ioEF and ioCow and allows for larger maps, more interactive features, and higher quality graphics. Since rpgxEF is not backwards compatible, TLO maintains two servers; one regular, and one rpgxEF. Some events may take place on the rpgxEF server, only. Don't miss out!

This guide makes the assumption that Elite Force is installed in:

C:Program FilesThe Last Outpost Complete Edition

1: Create a copy of your Elite Force files

Go into the C:Program FilesThe Last Outpost RPG-X Complete Edition folder. Highlight the baseEF and RPG-X2 folders (hold alt to highlight separate items at once) and right click them, then click copy. Go to your root directory (Usually C:), and create a new folder. Call the new folder rpgxEF. (It is very important you do not name this folder with a space) (Your folder should be C:rpgxEF). Place the baseEF and RPG-X2 folders there. Then, go into your new RPG-X2 folder and delete the pak5_beta8_1.pk3 file, if you have it.

2: Download rpgxEF

Since rpgxEF is constantly updated, direct download links cannot be provided in this guide.

First download the client version for windows under "Get the latest release."

Then, under "RPG-X2 shared libraries." click on "old versions", then the folder labelled 8.4.4 (near the bottom), then the Windows version, or click here.

3: Installing rpgxEF


Move all the .dlls and the .exe into your rpgxEF folder. Replace any conflicts (remember, you have backups in your original install folder)


Move rpgx_entities.def into


Then open the RPG-X2 folder provided in the .zip and extract all files to

Now you're ready to run rpgxEF. Now we need to link rpgxEF to RPG-X.

4: Creating an rpgxEF shortcut

Right click rpgxEF.exe in C:rpgxEF and create a shortcut. Move the shortcut to wherever you want (probably the desktop) and then right click it and select properties.

Change the target from



"C:rpgxEFrpgxEF.exe" +set fs_game RPG-X2 +sv_pure 0 +set com_hunkmegs 512 +set vm_ui 0 +set vm_game 0 +set vm_cgame 0 +set fs_homepath C:rpgxEF

5: Testing rpgxEF

Run your new shortcut and you should be taken to the RPG-X main menu. Don't worry if there are a few distortions as rpgxEF is not a finalized program. In the lower right corner you should see a version number. Since rpgxEF is constantly being updated, I cannot tell you exactly what the version will say. It SHOULD NOT SAY RPG-X 2.2 Beta 8 Paris, and it SHOULD NOT be blank. If it is blank, then there was an error in installation.

To test rpgxEF, go to the server list and connect to the TLO rpgxEF server.

If rpgxEF still doesn't work, please post questions in this thread or message any TLO staff member on MSN.


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I have an entry point error. The thread is here. Any help would be appreciated!

Mutatio Nomen

Followed it to the letter until No. 4, copy/paste the target link doesn't work, only spits back saying

QuoteThe name C:rpgxEFrpgxEF.exe specified in the target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name is correct.

Telex Ferra

You really should use the RPG-XCE installer instead of this guide. This guide is for people installing on top of an EF install.

Mutatio Nomen

As I told you earlier Telex, I did use XCE, but could only access the Original Flavour server - kept getting the "protocol 59" message when trying to connect.

Besides, if I'm not supposed to use it, it should be Archived. Now as a new member I'm just incredibly technologically confused, and - to self-analyze here - I'm pretty computer-literate, I built my own! I think the sheer initial complexity and the amount of computer-literacy required of RPG-X (at least from a TLO standpoint) is/would put a lot of new/potential members off.

But nevertheless I realized the Step 4. target link is incorrect and added the appropriate "/" here and there, and 'logged' into Enhanced only to be met with a spamming CONNECTION LOST while on Poseidon.

Telex Ferra

Yeah, we've got a lot of cleaning up to do. It's on our agenda for this senate term.

See this thread (http://www.last-outpost.net/forum/index.php/topic,4688.0.html) for a hassle-free rpgxEF install.